If you find yourself having difficulty completing daily tasks then perhaps it’s time to start focusing on whats truly important. We can all agree, keeping busy is not the same as being productive, meaning we all have tasks or activities our lives can do without. The end result is to ensure we make the most of our time.

As a blogger our daily or even weekly task first and foremost is creating new content for our readers. Tho our day may be filled with social media, email, web surfing, exercise, eating or family our most productive and demanding task is our blogs.

Stop Multitasking

You may take a second read over this statement but I’m not joking and I stand by this, we multitask way to much, find ourselves busy but hardly productive. Life doesn’t need to be busy, we need to find ourselves more productive. If you want to eat, take time and eat, do not eat and do research. Dedicate time to research and ensure it’s without distraction.

Start Focusing on What’s Important, Not What’s Immediate.

When we find ourselves “busy” we may also feel overwhelmed or high anxiety. Multitasking can cause much unneeded and unwanted life and work stress, stay focused on one task, become productive and efficient without distractions.

Tips To Avoid Distractions

  • Get organized with a to-do list
  • Put away or mute devices
  • Focus on one task only
  • Complete the task at hand

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