We have all felt the pressure that comes with failure. At some point in our lives we experience different magnitudes of what is known to be failure. As bloggers failure can come in many forms, most often based on what we perceive to be important to ourselves or others who have influence on us. Most times you can sum failure up into a matter of one’s own perception.

Failure is not always a bad thing, though in the moment can be a significant negative influence, failure also brings out the organic process to which we learn our greatest lessons in life. Strive for failure? I think not, but don’t find yourself overlooking the lessons that can be learned from ones failure.

Technical Failure

Understanding the technical elements of owning, managing and operating a blog website is a daunting task, but is possible. There’s so many things to learn from a technical standpoint and some of them include.

  • Upgrades
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance

Yes, the list can go on forever, these are simply the basic fundamental technical challenges you will need to learn and master to become a blogger. These are the beginning steps needed in order to start on your own journey to become a blogger. The failure rate during these stages is extremely high, many people simply give up. Can you imagine that? The potential blogger giving up before they even wrote their first article ?

My Failures For The Last 9 Months

The Content Creation

This discussion is happening among the largest online content creator teams and is a struggle for most bloggers and business. Simply put, lack of content creation ideas stops the majority of bloggers in their paths. If you can manage to create great, fun and exciting content, you may find yourself among the elite with an actual popular blog. Content is hard to create, but not impossible.

The morale here is we need to be okay with failure when it happens. We should adapt, change what we need and try again. Don’t let failure bring you down, don’t let failure drive you to quit. Can you keep up with blogging?

Blogging is a great way to earn extra money, either by offering a product or service of your own, and or creating affiliate and referral sales from your traffic. Giving up is what most people do, are you like most people ?

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  1. Hi Brian, oh my goodness! Yes, many times not only the technical stuff but the Google algorithm and the time factor. I don’t panic anymore like I used after doing it for a decade you develop a thick skin.
    I have a techie I hire out to help with the nasty plugin issues and WordPress over my head coding issues. But I’ve also learned a lot too through the years to manage some on my own.
    I’ve discovered AI for writing content quicker and better recently which has been a time saver!
    We have to grow with the changes and not remain stagnant Brian. Blogging is ever-changing and challenging but can be very rewarding at the same time as we help others along our journey.
    Lisa Sicard recently posted…What If Your Blog Became The Most Popular Blog Site?My Profile

    1. Blogging is always changing man that sure is correct. It’s changed so much since 2007 when I first started online and blog marketing. Its nice you managed to outsource some elements and responsibilities. It’s not easy understanding what to do yourself and what to seek help for. I’ve read over the AI app you have been blogging about lately and it looks amazing especially for people with little to no time to commit to content creation. Or just an easier way to help with some of your daily blogging tasks! Thanks for visiting and adding value to the post Lisa always nice seeing and chatting with you 🙂
      blogengage recently posted…Overcoming Your Fear Of Others OpinionsMy Profile

  2. Brian thanks much for the link mention my friend. Like Lisa said, keeping up with the technical aspects of blogging and with blogging in general can be challenging. I think too many new bloggers believe that blogging is just writing whatever comes to your head and tapping a publish button. Honestly, most new bloggers believe in their minds that this is all there is the blogging. Each is in for a rude awakening when they realize that becoming a professional involves learning and developing 10 or more other intricate skills that require thousands of hours and years of your life to become really really good at. Once that reality sets in, most panic, cower and quit. But a select few like you, me, Lisa and a scant few others decide to see the journey through by facing our fears again and again to persist through this blogging journey. If I have learned anything over my past 14 years of being a blogger it is that nothing beats freedom. Unless you’re living free you are not really living and you are actually dying. That is why I do what I do with my blogging campaign and why I’ve been at it since 2007.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…What Question Do You Need to Ask Before Writing a Blog Post?My Profile

    1. I love the message and I sit here with the biggest smile on my face! How did 14 years pass us by Ryan? Where did time go man? I’ve watched you grow from your first blog post, to your vast collection of e books. All your blog commenting, guest blogging and relationship building. I watched it all and I tell you what, the one thing consistent successful bloggers have had is that behaviour that creates a genuine connection between our self and another. Its been a pleasure watching your growth and success with online blogging!
      blogengage recently posted…Bloggers Don’t Let Failure Bring You DownMy Profile

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