Isn’t this an interesting question ? What does matter the most when blogging? If you ask one person perhaps content will be the suggestion. If you ask another they may claim consistency is key to success. If we continue to get different suggestions on what matters most when blogging, then perhaps it’s a matter of perspective.

Perspective plays a big role in our lives everyday. It determines how we react to specific situations, what we like or dislike and perhaps what we would consider to be most important when blogging. Let’s have a look at some of our different blogger types and what we may assume is most important to them when it comes to blogging.


The Money Maker

If your goal is to acquire blog traffic and convert it into sales, what’s most important to you as a money maker blogger is making the sale! You can measure what’s most important here by setting an expectation that for every 100 unique visits you get, you need a specific percentage to convert into sales. If you can accomplish this goal, you would be happy and we can consider this to be what matters most for the money maker blogger.

The Social Blogger

I’m going to suggest what matters most to the social bloggers is the ability to have interaction with other bloggers or blog readers. This can be in the form of blog comments, engagement on social media but bottom line this blogger will tell you what matters most is building new relationships and meeting new people. Though this blogger may be influenced by potentially earning money, without the social engagement aspect they will not obtain what matters most to them.

The Educator

This blogger thrives off providing high quality educational content for its readers. Regardless of social engagement, comments or money, this blogger takes pride in producing stellar content for all their readers. The content will be extremely accurate with infographics, detailed statistics and examples to back the article. This blogger, when producing high quality content would suggest that is what matters most when blogging.

The Creative Blogger

This blogger in not only unique with the blog but also in life. The artistic beauty flows into their content creation creating a fun and exciting blog post to read for all. Pictures will be predominant throughout the article, colourful and creative will be what matters most. The post will be fun, exciting and uplifting leaving you desiring more.

What matters most to us as bloggers plays a key role in finding continued success and happiness when online blogging. Do you enjoy your blog? Are you having difficulty creating content and keeping things exciting and motivating for yourself?

Perhaps you still haven’t found what matters most for you as a blogger.

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