Blogging everyday must become cumbersome. Finding ways to be motivated and inspired is fundamental to maintaining any type of consistency with your content creation. Personally I’ve never successfully blogged on a daily basis, so I’m only assuming it becomes more and more challenging to write new content.

Where Do We Find Inspiration?

Inspiration has to be all around us right? I think it’s safe to say any topic, title or story headline that engages our mind to wonder or question is a direct form of inspiration. If we put even the slightest amount of energy into something it means we have an interest and we have, to some extent been inspired.

Surrounding our self by things we enjoy or like will increase the probability of becoming inspired. We have to follow our interests, hobbies, habits we have to find places of interest to us. When trying to write new content I find myself being inspired by reading other blog sites. I find posts that grab my attention and make me want to know more, this is when I know I’m starting to be inspired.

I find most my inspiration from social media websites that allow and promote the idea of self promotion. This meaning sites that6 are blog marketing social media communities such as Blog Engage, Blokube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Viral Content Bee etc.. I tend to find blog posts that interest me and proceed to read them in hopes to find inspiration for my own next post.

So, the next time you find yourself struggling to write new content, make sure to spend some time on your favourite social media sites to find inspiration, open your eyes it’s all around you. Read content that is targeted to your specific niche, get engaged, connect, meet new bloggers. Find your motivation and use it to your advantage!

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