To this day nothing works better when building new relationships online than blog commenting! Its a vital process to creating a successful online brand and identity. Blog Engage helps you do this and in an extremely efficient and productive manner. In today’s screen cast I share some of my techniques on how I’m using Blog Engage to meet new people and drive traffic to my blogging community.

In order for blog commenting to work you have to be genuine in your comment and interest of topic. I suggest searching Blog Engage published and new sections for content you may have an interest in. Once you find some posts, visit the site, read the content and leave a comment.

Blog commenting on the right blog posts can lead to a direct increase in blog traffic, tweets, likes and blog income! As you continue to do this activity daily your traffic and over all blog activity will also increase. This is a natural result in your blog commenting and relationship building efforts. This is not easy work, but becoming a successful online blogger isn’t easy to start with so why should this be any different?

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  1. Hi Brian, blog commenting still works well today though many have fallen away from doing it with spending time on social media. But I think it is coming back strong in 2021 as social media will become more fragmented. Glad to be back here active on Blog Engage! Thanks for all you do here.

    1. Hi Lisa, nice to see you! I think blog commenting is a lot of work and let’s face it.. people don’t like hard work! It makes me happy to see you back on Blog Engage!

  2. Hi Brian!

    I like the focus on relationships. Back in the day blog commenting was highly touted as a good traffic strategy, and it still can be, but the real potential in my opinion is as a networking tool. Just about all of my most valuable and rewarding blogging relationships started with one of us reaching out to the other through a comment.

    Still not sure why people ever turn the commenting function off!

    – James McAllister

    1. Hi James, thanks for visiting the blog! I am sure you are very aware of what type of blogger turns off commenting. I am confident it falls under one of your 5 blogging types! I try my best to be consistent with the blog commenting, sadly by the time I’m done marketing all my customers content I’m exhausted …

  3. Hi Brian,

    There’s no better way to build relationships with fellow bloggers and meet new people in your industry than comment on blogs. While other tactics as guest posting get you noticed, blog commenting fastens the process. But to make an impact, one must make meaningful comments that add to the post’s value. In fact, I wrote a similar blog post about how to make reasonable comments on blogs.
    The ideas help to build relationships that set you up for the long run.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Guest posting is a fantastic way to meet to bloggers and potential customers! I used to guest blog a few years back over at Basic Blog Tips. Ileane used to have that blog rocking with tons of comments engagement! The nice part about guest blogging, is it turns into blog commenting as well as you engage with all the readers who left comments!

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