If you’re an online stay at home blogger with kids, you’re likely struggling right now to find time and write content. I’m just like you right now, and I’m reaching for any minute I can get to write my next blog post.

As humans we are creatures of habit, and like many I enjoy writing my posts first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and a fresh mind. Mind you, being taken away from my WordPress dashboard to help the kids has brought some new and interesting ways to write fresh content.

One thing for sure, I get to step away from the post, allowing my mind to venture into many directions changing the feel and outcome of my actual posts. The distraction surprisingly also helps with writers block and allows me time to think. As I write this post, I have literally stepped away several times already!

To make the most of our time we have to schedule our day to the best of our ability. Setting mini daily goals is also a fun way to ensure you’re making progress. Ensure to open the dashboard so you’re inspired to actually post. If you can, write posts in advanced helping you avoid unforeseen busy times.

  • Schedule Your Day (social media and content creation)
  • Set Mini Goals
  • Open The Dashboard
  • Write in Advanced

If you’re looking to increase your productivity please make sure to read one of my previous posts where I discuss tips that can help you become more productive.

I’m not very productive during the evening but perhaps you are, you can always save your content creation time slots for the evening after the kids are in bed! Evening blogging may be the perfect option for some, but it’s simply not for me!

Morale of the story is, when you have a free moment, get to work! Don’t let it pass you by as the next moment of opportunity is not guaranteed to anyone, especially as a stay at home parent.

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