If you haven’t heard yet, you have now. MeWe is a social media platform that allows content creators to share content, interact, add friends, create business pages and more. In today’s screen cast I give you a tour around the site, explain what I’m doing with the community and how I’m using this tool to drive traffic!

The community has several familiar features like Facebook but they claim it’s without the invasion of privacy and ads. The community is powered by it’s subscriber user base and allows for no 3rd party advertisements.

Since joining the community I have two subscriptions, one was for my Blog Engage page and the other was for premium services! This site is something I have been using to market my DTFP customers content! If you want me to market your content make sure to purchase our DTFP subscription today.

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    1. Hi Lisa, I don’t see much traffic from MeWe but I also don’t post my own content there so I cannot expect any traffic.. I find myself only submitting my customers content there. The website does seem to have activity mostly within the photography niche.. nature and outdoors type of photos get traction from what I’ve observed. Sometime in marketing it’s all about putting the content out there and tying to find the right set of eyes! I’m also submitting to groups over at MeWe, maybe try to find some targeted groups for content sharing?
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