Health is a serious niche where content has to be flawless and preferably written by someone who has an education background on the exact topic he is writing on. This qualification can be on topics like dietician, yoga certification, General Practitioner or even pediatrician or orthopedic, depending on the niche of the content.

However, not all health niches require the same amount of expertise. Some topics like healthy food, diet, general health and motivation topics can be easily researched and covered by writers who do not really have a strong background on health.

Here, in this article, we will cover several health sub niches to start a blog.

1. Health News: If you browse through the Google News search or look for trending hashtags on the social media regarding health topics then you will find that there are plenty of things that keep happening on the health niche. These are news related topics and ranking for these terms will mean instant traffic.

In the longer run if your news content is really good then try to get your health news site listed on the Google and other search engine for news search. While this step isn’t impossible, but it is fairly difficult to get into the news search and will require your site to deliver top-notch content consistently.

2. Weight Loss: Being overweight is a serious issue. Losing weight isn’t easy, on the other hand a very little lack of proper food choice can quickly increase the weight further. This is such a tricky situation that makes the best of us lose sleep thinking on how to lose the extra weight.

There are many articles that can be written about losing weight naturally by making good life choices, healthy food choices and other regular and everyday tips.

3. Yoga: There are many certificate courses that one can complete and become a certified yoga instructor. This will allow you to write yoga related content with authority and naturally it will help you to rank better. Search engines prefer that the content should be written by someone who is well qualified to write on the specific topic.

4. Hair: There can be so many causes for people to lose their hairs. Be it unhealthy eating, dandruff, water issues, side effects of specific medicine, the reasons are simply limit less. This also makes way to write content that does not have a limitation as this sub niche is pretty wide and there are plenty of things to cover.

5. Self Improvement: When it comes to topics like self improvement, it does not really take an expert to write on it. There are plenty of sub niches like happiness, or good habits, stress management etc. that can be easily covered and plenty of articles that can be written on it.

6. Pregnancy: Certain topics like pregnancy can be covered by expectant mothers in a far better way than someone who is an expert on the field. The search engines might disagree, but it will be their loss. If you are an expectant mother and you are covering your pregnancy, week by week, in your blog section then your content will be far more valuable than the experts themselves.

7. Healthy Living: This is another easy to cover niche where the topics are fairly easy to research. The very basic fundamentals of life like waking up early, going to bed early, drinking enough water, losing the sweetening drinks etc. are the type of topics that can be covered in this niche. Many sub niches falls under this wide healthy living niche, thus the chances of running out of topic idea is an almost impossible thing on this niche.

8. Diabetes: In this day and age, with our life style going from bad to worse, diabetes has surfaced as one of the really serious health issue. From dinner in the restaurants to often fast food cravings, eating unhealthy snacks, skipping breakfast, drinking cold drinks, minimum exercises and no physical activities are some of the major causes of this disease. Furthermore, heredity is also a top cause for getting diabetes.

While this disease can never be truly treated, in most cases one needs diabetes management which means there’s plenty of content that can be written in this niche.

9. Exercise and Fitness: You might not go to the Gym regularly but writing content on fitness and exercise is still fairly easy. One can easily research and write about these topics and cover them is great detail.

10. Healthy Eating: Not all foods are made equal. Certain foods are treated as super foods, while some others like broccoli, spinach etc. are more than healthy and should be taken regularly. From dry fruits, to season’s best vegetables and organic foods, everything naturally grown is good to eat.

Various foods content different nutrition values, like anti-oxidants, vitamin profile, protein content etc. Writing about such topics in details can be really helpful and it will allow regular content posting as well.

Health Sub Niches

11. Health Products and Reviews: There are many products on the health niche. Not all of them are good, but if you look into the reviews and ratings properly, one can find out which products to promote and which ones to skip. Article content can be created around these topics which will allow the regular flow of content on your niche blog. There are no limits to the amount of products on these niches, so one can write as much as he desires.

12. Skin Care: Skin is another very serious topic. From natural skin care which involves mostly creams, drinking water, eating dry fruits etc. to high end cosmetics to even medication for serious health issues, everything falls under this niche. For the writers, this niche is tricky, but if one does not really cover the very serious parts of this niche then in general, this niche is still easy to write on.

Surely, there’s no limit to how many sub niches one can explore on the health category. Every sub niche has more sub-niches under it, so one can be as specific and as niche as one wants to be.

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