When you start out as a new blogger, you are always charged up, fully motivated with plenty of ideas and thoughts flowing through your system. You have several posts schedules, many outlines and drafts pending and there’s always so much to do.

For months, you don’t have to worry about content as there’s something always cooking in the pipelines. Unfortunately, at some point of time you will face the burn. There’s writer’s block which is bound to come and attack you when you will be least expecting it. No matter how well you are prepared, you will, at some point of time, face blogging motivation issues which will hinder your progress.

Here, we will cover several tips to stay motivated as a blogger.

1. Write a thousand words every day: Taking a target and sticking to it will keep you in the habit of writing regular content. Article writing is a habit and if you wish to write more content, it is important that you set yourself a content writing target and stick to it.

2. Follow content schedule religiously: When you set specific days for posting new blog entries, your blog start to perform better. Readers start to expect new content on days that you have set aside for article posting. This is also a sort of habit at your end and when you follow this schedule for months, you stay motivated to keep this posting schedule going.

3. Check income stats: Money is the biggest motivator and if you have earned money from blogging in the past then check those checks or deposits, it will keep you motivated. However, as a new blogging, you can check the income reports of other bloggers for staying motivated.

4. Read Motivational Books: There’s many bloggers who have written books on blogging motivation or positivity. Reading such books keeps us moving further and helps us stay focused on our blogging goals.

5. Treat yourself for success: Everyone has their own definition of success. If you target bigger results then you will miss out on the smaller and more achievable success goals. Check out the smaller targets, like 100 organic traffic per day, or 1k email subscribers etc. When you reach such goals, treat and congratulate yourself as achieving goals is always worth celebrating.

6. Join Blogging Communities: Blogging isn’t a solo journey, to stay ahead in the blogging business, one needs to join blogging communities in facebook, linkedin and other places and stay connected. Discussing blogging matters on such communities keeps the blogging motivation going and the feeling of being stuck alone in the blogging journey does not bothers anymore

7. Fix your Design: It is important that a blogger should like the look and feel of his own blog. A custom theme isn’t as important but the design and the logo should be unique. The blog should look good and match the bloggers personality.

8. Learn from the Pro: There’s many popular bloggers around. These people have been blogging consistently for years. It is good to get a firsthand experience from these bloggers. So whenever they launch a course or a consultancy sessions, join it and learn the ideas directly from the pros.

9. Diversify your income streams: Having multiple income streams is always a good idea. If something happens to your only income stream then your revenue will get impacted and you will immediately lose all of your blogging money. This is the reason why a blogger should have multiple income streams. More money will generate more interest and motivation.

10. Learn to turn down offers: Accepting too many of those guest posts and sponsored posts requests are also a reason for burn outs. Don’t read too many of those pitches simply ignore or say no to the unsolicited pitches.

11. Get away from Social Media: As a blogger there’s a reason to be active on social media. You need to share content, connect with fellow bloggers and influencers etc. However, mindless scrolling of the social media time lines does not helps and one need to stop doing that.

12. Take a break: Blogging from morning to evening everyday can be a huge cause of burnout. Do note that when you work for others, your work timing is usually 9 Am to 5 PM. But as bloggers, we tend to work for 18 hours a day which is way too much. Take some time off, and spend time with friends and family. It will get the creative juices flowing once again.

13. Make a blogging time table: If you blog at any time of the day then it is best that you make a time table for blogging and stick to it. Set aside time for content creation, guest posting, commenting etc.

14. Set time for email management: Reading and checking out emails every few hours is a bad way to kill your productivity. It is best to allocate some time for checking emails, it can be twice a day as people need to be answered as soon as possible. When you open an email, try to respond to it and get that done. No point opening the email, reading it and leaving it later for posting the reply.

Blogging Motivation

15. Outsource boring work: Not all work is fun but even if certain aspects of blogging is boring, they still need to be done. If outreach isn’t for you, or you don’t write good content, then it is time to outsource those tasks.

16. Take part in Twitter Chat: Twitter chat is another amazing feature of twitter and is far underused. Check for hosts that run these chats and note down their timings. Take part in those chat when they next time host it again.

17. Field the comments: Replying to blog comments is a very positive and motivating work. If you do this consistently, your blogging motivation won’t leave you in a hurry.

Hitting a writer’s block is easy but getting out of it is tough. If you manage your blogging time well, chances are slim that you have to hit such a block. When you try to do too many things and keep pushing yourself further, that is when things goes wrong and you start to find yourself in a block. Blogging is simply, keep it that way.

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  1. #1 is a favorite of my Brian because it pushes me to focus on the blogging and writing process versus obsessing over outcomes like money, traffic or any of that jazz. Write, write and write some more to remain motivated. I love that 1000 words a day number too because it allows one to stretch the mind and to exit their comfort zone.

    Keep writing, guys. Writing is a simple way to remain inspired even when the traffic and the money seems to evade you. Write, write and keep on writing through thick and thin in order to accelerate your drive and to amplify your blogging success.

    Great post bro.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How to Ride a Turkish DolmusMy Profile

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