Getting your customer’s email address is one of the best ways to start a long term business relation. If you have their email ids, you can send them auto-responders, occasional promotional or sales email, educational or blog content, there are simply so many things that can be done.

The first step here is still about getting their email id which is very tricky. One successful method that helps us get access to customer’s email id is the lead magnet strategy where something of value is given in exchange for their email address.

Here, we will discuss several Lead Magnet ideas that can be implemented right away.

1. eBook: This is one of the oldest lead magnet idea and still works every time. The best part of this method is that an ebook can be shipped by an email, simply attach and send, which makes it mandatory for the reader to enter his email id as the ebook will be shipped via. email.

2. Product Trial Period: There are multiple benefits of having a product trial. You want your target customers to use your product, have a go at the premium version so that they get a taste of it, but eventually have to pay for it. Along with that, get the customer to drop their email ids before they can get this free trial.

3. Discounts: Saving money is always a big factor, even if it is like 10%, it is still worth it. When offering discounts, make these discounts available for people who have subscribed to your list. That way, you can keep sending them offers for as long as they stay subscribed.

4. Free Stuff: More than anything else, free is such a powerful keyword that attracts people immediately. If you have got something to offer for free and can make it available to subscribers only, then people will join the list so that they can access your free stuff.

5. Gated Content: If you have got high quality and actionable content then blocking specific sections of that content and letting people only see it if they are subscribed is a neat way to boost email leads. While content blocking isn’t a great idea and it is always best to allow un-restricted access to content, but once in a while doing this to gain some subscriber isn’t as bad.

6. Free Course: Offering free courses is a good way to boost email leads. You get a customer who is checking out your free course and you get to keep his email id too. Now that the reader is hooked, all you need to do is to send him paid courses offers and slowly turn him into a paid customer.

7. Free Tools: Simple tools that do specific work and are free to use, is a great combination for online usage. However, it is also an opportunity to get people’s email ids as a token for using the tools. Since these tools are online and are hosted instead of making them available for free downloads, these tools become a valuable asset as an email magnet.

8. Early Bird Offers: There are many features that are launched from time to time. Such features need testing before a full roll out and thus it is important that there is an active list of people who are ready to do the beta tests. In such a condition, an email list that asks for email ids for testing out new features is an amazing lead magnet idea.

9. Free Reports: Data is always powerful and unique researched data that can be used quoted and applied is even more valuable. Such reports can be made available to the public in exchange of their email ids.

10. Online Calculator: Tools such as calculators can be very helpful. There is almost no niche limitations with calculators because from EMI calculator to body weight calculator, this tool pretty much fits well in almost any niche. The basic idea is pretty simple here, subscribe to the list to be able to use the calculator and you get a very specific and niche targeted subscriber that way.

11. Templates: People like to use templates for various requirements. Having a rough outline or template can speed things up as everything is already mentioned and all one needs to do is to fill the gaps and finish a tedious work quickly.

12. Giveaway Contests: People like to take part in contests and giveaways. Just make it mandatory to enter their email ids before they can participate in the said contest and many people will join in by entering their email ids.

13. Free Shipping: Many online stores are charging a lot for shipping which is raising the overall costs of the purchased goods. If you make a subscriber only offer where only those that have registered their email ids can avail free shipping, can speed up email subscription list.

Lead Magnet

14. Secret Community: People like to check out things that are exclusive and limited. If there is a niche based community with helpful information and stuff and is limited to subscribers-only, then several people will jump right into the community by dropping their email ids.

15. Recordings: This is not just limited to videos though, as people like to read the details from a twitter chat, or AMA or pretty much anything that they have missed in real time. Make the recordings available to the users and let them drop their email ids before they get access.

16. Surveys: Asking people for opinions and feedback is a great way to get more details about a specific topic or product. Then, let the user enter their email ids before they are allowed to see the results of the survey which will both make it interesting and solve the purpose.

Lead magnet is one of the most effective ways to get the email id of a customer. But this is a multi-benefit strategy as not only you get the email access of your customer but you get to give away ebooks, trial version use, beta version test and so much more.

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