We are all creatures of habit and one thing consistent, we do not like change. Regardless if change brings forth new opportunities and successes we as humans simply do not like change.

Naturally being consistent with content creation on your blog has a direct impact on retaining your current readers and growing your future reader base. Being consistent with content creation has a direct impact on the success of your blog.

What is Consistency?

As a blogger we can break consistency down into two fundamental elements. We first have consistency with content creation and secondly with content topic and relevancy. Please do see my previous post regarding giving your readers what they want.

Content Creation

As bloggers we can focus on consistency by blogging on a specific day. For example, every Friday your blog will release a new post. If you can be consistent with this Friday post you will start to gain readers who actually visit your site every Friday anticipating your next post. Consistency in content creation on specific dates is extremely important to the success of your blog.

Content Relevancy

Creating consistent and on topic content will be key to the success of your blog. Remaining on topic will allow you to funnel like minded blog readers and increase the success of your blog. I do my best to stay on topic here on Blog Engage keeping our blog posts relevant to blogging for you, our blog readers.

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I am a terrible example of what it means to be consistent as blogger, and perhaps you are as well. With that said I do have the knowledge and experience from my 14 years of online marketing to say consistency is key to success with blogging. Some of the greatest and most popular bloggers have found success by following these simple but effective strategies for blogging.

Ways To Remain Consistent

  • Prepare multiple blog posts in one sitting
  • Write and schedule the content ahead of time
  • Be committed and serious
  • Write content on the go
  • Schedule and manage your daily tasks
  • Set smaller obtainable goals

As I sit here writing this post, I truly believe I have never once been an actual blogger. I have grown Blog Engage into a great community with thousands of members, but not once have I truly engaged the audience with blogging content. It’s time for that to change, I have a wealth on knowledge that I want to share with you, to help your blog have a better chance of success.

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