Having a good web host is the key to running a successful online business. Whatever be your niche, blogging, ecommerce website, digital products, everything requires an always live website.

A good webhost is much more than being online 24*7. It should be able to handle surge traffic, should be secure enough to keep hackers away, must have a helpful and friendly customer support along with several other features and benefits.

There are a number of popular web hosts on the internet whos support is weak and provides very limited resources. The moment your website starts to get some traffic and customers, they fail to keep it live.

Today, in this article, we are going to review a web host named Squidix, it has been pretty amazing so far. We are going to base our review on the below mentioned points for easy reference.

1. Price Point: With shared hosting starting as low as $2.95 a month, Squidix is among some of the cheapest web hosts available on the internet. All this with unlimited bandwidth and a thirty day money back option and if you wish to add another dollar to it, you get the option to host unlimited number of websites too.

If you want to move your website from another hosting provider to this one, then they will migrate your site at no extra cost. Along with that, they provide free domain registrations with a web hosting account. As long as you keep your hosting account, your domain stays with you for free forever.

2. Customer Support: Just like any other company, here too you will get support by opening tickets, sending emails or simply calling them. However, do note that their turn around time is fairly quick. From our own research and experience we can state that their average response time is less than thirty minutes.

To be very honest with this point, we haven’t really required a lot of support as the website is always running smoothly without any issues.

3. Resource Availability: Shared web hosting and VPS mostly run on resource sharing. If you are consuming too much resources then your site is sent off line or if someone else on your shared hosting is taking up too much resources then your website’s performance goes down. This is how most shared hosting works, however we haven’t experienced any downtime or slowness of our sites while hosted on Squidix. There can be a number of reasons for this, we might not know for sure, but we can make a guess that their resource management is better than others.

4. Secure: There are several web hosts on the internet that works great while things are sunny. But the moment some hacker breaks through, they fall apart. This host on the other hand is fairly safe and haven’t caused any issues so far. They are also pretty quick in resolving any security threats and neutralize them before they can cause any harm.

On the internet, when a site gets hacked and malecious codes are uploaded on it, slowly the site starts to get penalized by search engines. This is where a prompt recovery can help in minimizing damage. Everything ultimately depends on how fast the web host responds and how quickly it cleans your site.

5. Flawless Experience: Over the years, if there is one thing we like about any web host is how smooth the site works while it is hosted online. The visitors of the website will thank the site and the webmaster for keeping the service always running, without any issues. But this experience is powered by the web host that no one really notices. We bloggers and web masters understand the reason behind this flawless running of our websites and thus we thank our host for keeping us live and kicking.

6. Easy Upgrade Options: From shared hosting to VPS, to semi-dedicated to fully dedicated servers, the path of upgradation is available with plenty of options to choose from. Having several options with different price points and features, it becomes easy for people to choose the right combination. Everyone’s requirements are unique, thus having more options helps in choosing the right hosting plan.

7. Discounts: Talking about discounts, you get free migration of your website, free domain for life as long as you keep your hosting account running, free firewall, free SSL, off site backup and several other free and discounted items.

8. Affiliate Options: Squidix provides an amazing affiliate setup where you get $10 for free, just for signing up. They have a fixed commission system where you know exactly what you are going to get paid for referring customers of different plans. This way, you know exactly what you are going to get by referring people to Squidix.

9. Independent and Aged Host: So far on the internet, we have observed that several web hosts are connected to the same parent company and they all lack the same basic support and resource issues. Squidix on the other hand is unique in this regard as it operates alone and has been online since 2010.


10. Our Recommendation: Our reviews and the openions we express comes from first hand testing. We review services that we have used and based on our own experience, we review it. That way, the review is fair and honest. Squidix has been a total and complete success. We haven’t faced much of a downtime, the sites are always lightning fast and never fail to open. Their customer support is quick to respond and always fixes the problems quickly. On the whole, we recommend Squidix and use it ourselves for hosting our websites.

An online business has several layers of work. Starting with content, rankings, customer support, advertisements and so on and so forth that it is enough to keep any online businessman busy. At times like this, we have at least a good web host that we can rely on and allow us the peace of mind to keep working hard.

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