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20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Investing in Real Estate

Posted By loculogic on Property - Real estate can be one of the most profitable and secure investments for individuals who do their research and put energy into efficiently managing their properties. I bought my first property when I was 21 and officially entered the investment game when I purchased my second property a few years later. As my investment portfolio […]
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What your Selfies Reveal about You?

Posted By SeoSam2011 1860 days ago on Blogging - How often someone produces selfies plays a role in determining whether he or she is narcissistic or not. How do you quantify that? Some individuals post 20-30 selfies a day on Instagram and other social media sites. Is that too much? What does it mean?

How Do You Get Verified On Twitter? – Infographic

Posted By JohnPaul 1809 days ago on Social Media - Personally, I am still waiting on my little blue check, so even if you do everything right, you will still have to wait.

If you have never tried or have and haven’t been approved, this Infographic by SurePayroll will help you get the 6 steps done correctly giving you the BEST chance at getting approved.

Now I will say this, I think Twitter made a mistake opening up the Verified Accounts to everyone.

Trauma Research: Treating PTSD with Doxazosin

Posted By openforest 1850 days ago on Health - Research proves Doxazosin is a promising treatment for PTSD that has less adverse side effects, better adherence, and effectiveness than other commonly used drugs.
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Your Small Business Social Media Plan For 2017 – 12 Easy Posts

Posted By divahound 1809 days ago on Marketing - With very little of 2016 left, plans for next year should be shaping up quickly. Even though your social media editorial calendar should align with your sales goals and overall themes for the year, sometimes it’s hard to keep coming up with what to post on social media channels. In case you need a little help, these 12 ideas will give you a simple post any month of the year.

Indonesian Soto Ayam

Posted By thedutchfoodie 1794 days ago on Food - One of my New Year’s resolutions is to cook more Indonesian food. OK, you’re right, it’s the only New Year’s resolution I actually wholeheartedly…Continue ReadingThe post Indonesian Soto Ayam appeared first on The Dutch Foodie.

Jewellery Gift Ideas for 2017

Posted By carolinestyling 1794 days ago on Fashion - Just because Christmas is over, it doesn't mean there are no more reasons to buy gifts. I actually firmly believe that January is a great season for gift buying - it's my birthday month. My nearest and dearest have been asking me to compile a gift wish list so I hopped over to Diamonds International to hand pick my favourite items. Luxury jewellery items will always make lovely presents - there's no such thing as owning too much jewellery, they can also be great investments that truly stand the test of time. The name Royal Asscher is synonymous with fine diamonds, a company with over 160 years experience. This ring in rose gold is a stunning piece featuring a unique design that ensures high wearability whilst still retaining the elegance the brand is renowned for. This collectio