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Ideas for How to Create a Small Office Space Anywhere

Posted By StephPurcell 1138 days ago on Home Decor - I just moved to NYC for the next few months and my temporary apartment is the cutest-but it is SMALL! It has me doing some serious thinking about how to incorporate an office space in a functional and efficient way without taking up any room. Below are some creative ideas that I have found!Redefine Your Closet Space 

Photo by: Ryan Pavlovich

 I found this clever idea on Architectural Digest and it is genius! I mean as long as you don’t actually need your closet for storage or clothes, which I do, so it may not be a viable option for me. But I do love the idea of repurposing a space!Utilize a Drop Table 

Photo from: Wayfair

 I love the look of this one from Wayfair. It looks like a little buttoned up bookshelf when it is closed, but it’s actually so much more! I’m a big fan of anything I can fold up and out of the way when I am not using it. (See my previous drop-table design HERE.)Try Small Open Pieces 

Photo from : Walmart

 You can always give the illusion of more space by using smaller pieces of furniture with open legs. It keeps the sight lines clear and creates the illusion of airiness. You know I love all things mid-century modern and this is the perfect style to achieve an open legged desk space. This cute little example is from Walmart and under $200. It looks like an entryway piece it is so small and open!Floating Shelves 

Photo from : Decor Pad

 While we are at it, why not ditch the traditional bookcase as well. The less you have on the floor the more space you will appear to have. A good floating shelf will do the trick and look a lot less cluttered in a small space. I have personally used these white ones from Target before in a bathroom makeover (view bathroom makeover Here) and really enjoy them. Permalink

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