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Creating in-home office space, and crafting the perfect workstation for your job

Posted By Dan108 1466 days ago on Personal - Britain’s on lockdown, so working from home has never been as prevalent as now. Turning your spare room into an office seems a simple task, but it’s essential you get it right in order to maintain a healthy working environment inside your own homeThat journey you take every day to and from work, those lunchtimes socialising with your colleagues, and that constant, fundamental feeling of being a part of your team with everyone around you striving to achieve a shared goal. For the time being, those aspects of your working life are on hold due to the current pandemic and consequent lockdown taking place throughout Britain. But fear not! Working from home boasts many advantages, and there are many fantastic ways to keep your working life productive, satisfying and healthy. If you have a spare room, this can easily be transformed into an office or workspace. And if you’re going to do it, you should do it right.Desk? What desk?Touch wood, you can find an affordable yet decent desk to buy. Many desks on the market, though, can be expensive, and if you’re already forking out for a new desktop computer or laptop from which to work from home, then understandably you might be on a budget. Fortunately, a full-on, ready-made desk isn’t the only option. A piece of wood, large enough to accommodate your work, will suffice. It could be the desk surface part which someone has gifted to you, but if it’s wood in its rawest form you could spend a little time sanding it down, smoothing off the edges, and making sure the surface is level and neat. All you need now are two small chest of drawers for the plank of wood to sit upon, such as those plastic stackable drawers. Because they’re stackable, you can freely determine how high or low the desk will ultimately be for you, allowing you that creative freedom to create your perfect workstation.It doesn’t have to be a spare room.As long as you ensure there’s enough room for all of the essentials you know you’ll need, such as a filing crate, printer, scanner, or anything else, you’re good to go. Creating a workspace using a dividing wall in a living area, space underneath your stairs, and even a well-positioned storage cupboard, are all viable options also. Note: if your workstation ends up being in an area laid with carpet, then investing in a chair pad might be a good idea if you don’t want your carpet getting worn down and damaged by a rolling office chair.You have the power, so stay connected.With most people currently working from home, Wi-Fi understandably might become a little congested at times. So wherever you end up working, ensuring you are close enough to your Wi-Fi router for a consistent and reliable internet connection is crucial. But if you are persistently struggling with connection, a wired connection using an Ethernet cable should do the trick. You should also make sure there are enough power sockets nearby to keep all of your electrical equipment plugged in. If there aren’t enough plug sockets on the walls, use a multiple socket extension lead to increase the number of sockets.Avoiding cabin fever.Cabin fever is a common problem when working from home. It can become isolating, lonely and boring if you’re by yourself for long periods of time. Similarly, if you have family around you for much of the time while you’re trying to be productive at work, that can also become irritating and troublesome. Ensuring regular breaks is a must, ideally outside. If you have a garden, great! If not, a stroll around the neighbourhood would be just fine for breathing in that all-important, revitalising fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine. It’s also important to remain disciplined, however, so keeping to your work schedule, and aiming to meet your deadlines and targets, is the number one priority. By all means, occasionally and briefly socialise with anyone else who’s under the same roof, but remember to stick to routine, for it’s through routine, focus and stick-to-itiveness that the state of flow can be achieved. Once you’re in flow mode, nothing can stop you from achieving great things!Tips for maintaining good mental health:Keep the room well ventilated.During the times you’re not on a call or meeting, maybe listen to some instrumental classical music to help you focus and disappear into the work.Ensuring natural light is fed into your workspace makes a surprising amount of difference.If you’re facing a wall, perhaps make sure there’s a nice painting or backdrop of landscape or nature which keeps you in that happy, peaceful place.

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