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Creating a Cozy Ambience

Posted By StephPurcell 979 days ago on Home Decor - Fall is one of my favorite seasons, not only are we gearing up for all the good holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!) but it’s also sweater weather! I love the change in the air and crisp fall days. Which has lead me on my current hunt for all things “cozy” to decorate the home with. I am sharing some of my favorite go-tos as well as new finds.  


Marshmallow Fireside is my must have for fall.

 Nothing beats the glow of a warm fireplace, but if you don’t have one a grouping of candles is just as nice. You still get that soft flicker of light with an aromatic delight. Try using scents warm undertones like amber or wood to get an earthy fall smell.


I love this Fall Harvest Bouquet with all its yellows and reds!

Flowers of any kind are always inviting, whether being given as a gift or being used as a decorative center piece. They invoke the feeling of friendship and being loved.

Throw Pillows

These lush velvet pillow covers are beckoning you to stay awhile.

Soft velvety fabrics add a layer of richness that is inviting to the touch and beckons you to stay awhile.

Throw Blankets

I’ve gifted one of these sherpa throws before with HUGE success!

Adding some more blankets around the house adds to a more relaxed and cozy vibe. Try blankets with sherpa or tartan patterns for a cozy highlander feel.

Area Rugs

This rug is also kid and pet friendly!

Layer area rugs to create depth and texture in a room and make the floors more inviting. A cold floor is the last thing you want to feel as you struggle to get out of bed.

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