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Twitter Rules For Dummies Getting Shorter As 2023 Nears

Posted By Lisapats on all - Do you wish the Twitter rules for dummies were short and sweet like a tweet? Your wish may be coming true. Twitter is now updating its rules about account suspensions as Elon Musk settles in over at Twitter. There are still some Twitter rules to know under Elon. The one rule to be aware of today is all about violence. Any threats to it will not be tolerated on the social network.

How To Run A Small Business During High Inflation Rates

Posted By Lisapats on all - Running a small business back in the unsure times of the pandemic, supply chain problems, unstable labor market, and now high inflation is a real challenge. A challenge that can bring a lot of stress and frustration. Many consider closing their business because of constantly growing economic and psychological costs. It is a rather pessimistic vision that for some can become a reality. However, learn how you can run a small business in times of high inflation rates and still make money.

Internet In Rural Areas – Can You Work Your Best There?

Posted By Lisapats 57 days ago on all - With the rise of the internet in rural areas and the digital age, more and more people are finding that they can work from home. But what about those of us who live in rural areas? Can we work from home successfully, too? The answer is a resounding yes! However, do check the services available in the area before you make the big move.

Here’s a look at some of the ways you can make working from home with the internet in rural areas possible.

How One Icon Teaches You A Profitable Small Business Lesson

Posted By Lisapats 73 days ago on all - Jay-Z built up his credibility, trust, skills, and brand based on his rap game and the name “Jay-Z”. As long as he had his name, credibility, and the trust of his followers, starting each venture on a sound, aligned, simple business model, he became destined to make millions if not hundreds of millions through each venture.

Data Collection: Why It Matters For Your Business

Posted By Lisapats 182 days ago on all - The amount of information the economy generates doubles roughly every 18 months. But what’s it all for? A lot of collecting data is just consumers sharing cat videos with each other. But some of it is businesses trying to gain better insights so that they can improve their processes. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, data collection methods are essential.

It helps you learn about your target market, find out where you’re going wrong, and what you can do to improve your processes. It’s helpful for both B2B and B2C companies across the board.

In this post, we take a look at the specific reasons why data collection is so important and how it can benefit your firm.

A Complete Guide to Blogger Outreach Strategy For Your Blog

Posted By Lisapats on all - Blogger outreach is an essential element of digital marketing because it increases brand awareness and leads to building quality backlinks for a new website to enhance search engine optimization (SEO). However, it is a time-consuming and complex task that will bring in numerous rejections. Consider this: As an established blogger, you’ve most probably got a flood of emails asking you to write, evaluate, or share something on your blog sites. And where do the majority of these email messages end up? That’s right, the garbage. That’s why you need a blogger outreach strategy that works.

Why People Unfollow Your Brand On Twitter: and How to Prevent It?

Posted By Lisapats 192 days ago on all - The bond between a brand and its customer is tied to a thin thread called “unfollow” on social media.

The breaking of this bond doesn’t come with the pre-warning “we need to talk.”

When they click on the unfollow button, you know you have broken up with another follower.

And you’re left wondering why people unfollow brands on Twitter. You can also face the Twitter Jail situation if you don’t follow the guidelines on Twitter.

What is Automatically Generated Content? Does Google Care?

Posted By Lisapats on all - Google has been increasingly cracking down on automatically generated content (AGC). When writing uses existing content and re-writes it in a slightly different way often called spun content.

Content creators use it to game the search engines and improve a website’s ranking.

Other times, it’s simply because the site owner doesn’t have the time or resources to create original content. It helps make it quicker to produce content for their blog or website.

Furthermore, Google looks down on this practice of writing content by algorithms or bots.

What Are Reddit Karma Points and How to Earn It Gracefully?

Posted By Lisapats on all - For those of you who don’t know, Reddit is a user-generated social news site.
Users can create “subreddits” to focus on particular topics and then post links to articles or other types of content that fit within the subreddit guidelines.
In addition, all posts are ranked by upvotes and downvotes, so the best ones rise to the top while junk falls away.
There’s also something called “karma points.”
You gain them when others upvote your posts or comments and lose them when they do the opposite.

Best Blog Post: What Works and What Doesn’t Anymore After a Decade

Posted By Lisapats 273 days ago on all - “How to write the best blog post is not something you do correctly from the beginning.” That’s right if I knew then what I know now about blogging – 550+ posts later- maybe this whole thing wouldn’t have started in earnest!

But when life gets hectic (as it inevitably will) don’t be afraid of taking risks or being imperfect; these things only make your voice more authentic and trustworthy for followers who crave realness online

One of my earliest posts was about my garden. It’s a little ironic since I just revived my garden recently. I could not keep up with gardening since beginning blogging – almost 3 years later.

However, it felt good to be doing normal things again and yet still be blogging. Once you really get going with blogging you begin to learn what works and what doesn’t work.

In this piece, I will share with you those things that have worked well and what haven’t worked so well in over a decade of blogging.

Content Marketing for Startups: How to Develop a Killer Strategy

Posted By Lisapats on all - In this post, we will look into what an effective content marketing strategy for startups looks like. Not only that but how to develop such a tactic for your product. So what is content marketing, and what can it give to your business?

Disques Comments vs. other Blog Comment Systems for Blogs

Posted By Lisapats 305 days ago on all - Comments are the thread of a blog’s community. It helps bloggers get to know their readers better and thus making their blogs better too.

Many people will not leave comments on a blog if they have to go through hoops unless they are loyal readers.

It’s best to pick a comment system that is easy for others to leave you their comments on a post.

Improve Writing Skills Dramatically by Doing These 15 Things

Posted By Lisapats on all - When we learn, we have to develop various academic skills. Otherwise, we will not get the necessary grades and adequate education. Academic writing is surely among the most important academic skills.
You may have great ideas, but if you cannot explain them on paper, they become worthless. That’s why it is important to learn how to improve writing skills today.

MissingLettr Review: Smart Social Media Marketing Automation

Posted By Lisapats on all - This Missinglettr review discusses everything to know about the social media marketing automation tool. Reading this detailed review will equip you with the information you need to automate your social media marketing and make life much easier.

How To Share Tweets Easily to Other Social Media Sites Quickly

Posted By Lisapats on all - You want to share information from Twitter with your family and friends who are NOT on Twitter.

(Yes, imagine, some people never got on Twitter. Or like many others signed up and never tweeted.)

SO, you click the share button on Twitter from your mobile device.

You will notice now you have several more options for sharing tweets than ever before!

Therefore one doesn’t have to be on Twitter to see tweets that others share with them off the network.


Posted By Lisapats 363 days ago on all - HOWEVER….being helpful to bloggers for a long time on Twitter and Facebook gives you greater exposure and the proper visibility to help more people become successful bloggers. HOWEVER, you need to care about helping people with 99% of your energy and care about being deemed as influential on Twitter and Facebook with 1% of your energy.

What If Your Blog Became The Most Popular Blog Site?

Posted By Lisapats on all - What if your blog became the most popular blog site on the internet? What would that mean for your blog traffic, comments, income, and readership?

Recently, my friend Tom recently wrote about why you should have your blog or website ready for an increase in traffic. It reminded me of this original post I wrote back in 2013.

Jarvis Ai Writing Tool – Easier & Faster Content Production

Posted By Lisapats on all - If you are a blogger, you must have experienced creative burnout or not have enough time to write at one point or another.
Even professional content writers know how stressful writing can be and sometimes wish to relax, forget all nagging projects, and watch their favorite comedy show.

Situations like these are why a group of marketers and copywriters create Jarvis ai writing tool to be every blogger and content writer’s help.

How To Create A Cool Man Cave Office That Increases Your Productivity

Posted By Lisapats on all - Working from home is now a norm, and one of the challenges remote workers face is creating a home office that boosts productivity. This post will extensively discuss the best ways to create a cool man cave office that increases productivity, thus solving this challenge. After reading this, you will learn how to create and decorate a cool masculine home office (like an expert), even if you don’t have enough extra space at home.