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TV: The Mandalorian - S01 E08 - Redemption - Reviewed

Posted By themoviesleuth 1568 days ago on Entertainment - The first season of the Disney+ Star Wars show The Mandalorian has concluded. And damn, it hit like a ton of bricks. As some have complained that some episodes haven't moved quick enough, this one is pure fire. From front to back, we're given action that lets us know that there are actual stakes with this extension of the universe. Not everyone is going to survive. And that's okay. At long last, Star Wars feels like its getting a makeover that gives weight to the violence on screen. As the first ever live action show set in the galaxy far, far away, the pairing of Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau's work has proven to be nearly impeccable. In only eight short episodes, they've revitalized Star Wars fandom with something we can rally behind as The Rise of Skywalker continues to cause a major rift between two warring factions of fans. With their final episode of the first year, they not only captured the spirit of the old films but have created a brand new villain that will most likely see a stronger arc once the second batch of episodes hits in Fall of 2020. This week saw the Mando paired up with the characters he's met along the way to do battle over The Child. What transpires sees tons of humor poked at Stormtroopers, amazing usage of the Force, and an obvious way forward for the background story that's been transpiring all along. Under the directorial efforts of Taika Waititi, Redemption digs deep to add new elements to the existing SW mythology while he also adds his own distinct flair for action, character use, and creating super cool environments. And the tone of the show this week definitely fits right in with the one off movies like Rogue One. For this first time since The Mandalorian began, it seems like the episodic formula may get a small overhaul next year now that we're getting a real antagonist for our anti-hero. And it honestly feels like Favreau's team has an actual way forward or an actual plan for their show. Where many have complained that the latest sequel trilogy didn't have a outline prior to production, The Mandalorian continues to fix what's seemingly been wrong in Star Wars the past few years. Using a diverse cast of characters, episode eight is really a callback to the vintage years. Combining the skills of a rag tag group of bounty hunters that are trying to protect the 'Baby Yoda', this is really a purist's dream. We can't wait for season two especially to get more of Gina Carano's turn as the bad ass Cara Dune. -Chris George

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