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TV: The Mandalorian - S01 E06 - The Prisoner - Reviewed

Posted By themoviesleuth 1142 days ago on Entertainment - After an awesome five weeks that really set up the core idea, The Mandalorian is back this week with another action packed episode. Picking up right after chapter five, The Prisoner sees our armor clad bounty hunter joining forces with a pack of unruly galactic mercenaries on the prowl for a new package. What unravels is another slick entry in the continuing saga of Mando and his little friend, Baby Yoda. Although, they begin to sidestep some of the core elements that made the first few episodes so grand, it remains some of the best Star Wars projects we've had since Rogue One. Stepping outside the boundaries of the Skywalker saga really seems to work for the entire franchise. Instead of retreading old water, The Mandalorian is its own thing with obvious fan service thrown in for good measure. Episode 5 and 6 both seem to mix new story elements with complete nods to the original film saga. The sets and overall film look really lend themselves to an interconnected galaxy that just feels right. And the straight, no holds barred action of The Prisoner absolutely nails it. Each new episode has its very own theme that separates it from the pack.  It seems like they try to hit on some different type of cinematic trope with every new bit of plot. This week, they go for the '80s or '90s style action team-up that seems to call back to classics like Ice Pirates, Aliens or even a bit of John Carpenter. And damn, the score is on fire. Using a pulsing synth based soundtrack really set the tone for what director Rick Famuyiwa was going for. While this isn't the best of The Mandalorian so far, we have to understand that not all episodes can be 100 percent perfect. Considering how far we've come so fast, this is still great Star Wars. Where some of The Prisoner does fall flat is in its casting choices. Bill Burr seems rather out of place. And Mark Boone Junior is just too connected to the world of Sons of Anarchy to ever feel disconnected from the character he played there. And unfortunately, Natalia Tena's Xi'an over plays and overacts like an outer space Harley Quinn lite that doesn't fit in to the continuity of the show. Again, you win some, you lose some. With only a couple weeks left to go, we're hoping to see this year's season go out on a high note. Episode 6 was probably the weakest yet, but still not too shabby. You can't go wrong with The Mandalorian and his little green buddy. -Chris George

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