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New Releases: Till Death (2021) - Reviewed

Posted By themoviesleuth 789 days ago on Entertainment -  Megan Fox is often perceived as a forgettable talent, relegated to family friendly action films.  Aside from her outstanding performance in Jennifer's Body, Fox has not been given a project that truly allowed her to showcase her talent.  2020's Rogue hinted at Fox's untapped potential, but it is S.K. Dale's thrilling debut feature, Till Death that allows her to shine.  Featuring an unforgettable central performance, an unnervingly tense script, and an inescapable ambiance of dread, this is an excellent piece of independent filmmaking. Trapped in an isolated, snow choked cabin while handcuffed to a body, Emma is in the fight of her life.  As a ghost from her past quickly descends upon the cabin, Emma is forced to embrace violence in order to survive.  Jason Carvey's script is stripped of any sense of indulgence or subtlety.  The realities of a one-sided, misogynistic relationship are on display, and yet there's an air of mystery that clings over everything in the first act.  Knowing the premise, getting to the main event seems impossible...until it happens.  Once the action begins, the bulk of the narrative focuses on Fox, in what is easily the performance of her career.  Her Emma begins as a victim, however, as the tension rises, it becomes clear she has been a prisoner long enough and her rage serves as the key to her freedom.  The physics of her predicament is the centerpiece with several creative and gory scenes answering the question of what one would do in a similar situation.  Fox's raw determination, simmering anger, and abject hatred are her weapons against the icy environs and those her pursue her.  Jaime Cairney's cinematography combines with Ivan Ranghelov's art direction to present a visual fable.  What begins in a city of reflections and muted colors transitions into a lush, vibrant world of romance as the location changes.  The camera angles in the first act have a restrained feel, mimicking the impersonal nature of a dying relationship.  When the second act begins and the terror begins to heighten, the camera closes in on Fox with a claustrophobic lack of mercy.  The world outside the cabin is endless white and a brilliant cold, simulating the crucible that Emma must endure in order to be free once and for all. Available Friday, July 2nd, Till Death is a fun, immersive genre experience with a strong performance by Fox. While the script struggles with anything outside of the action at the cabin, Fox's delivery and physicality overcome any imperfections.  It could be a simple criticism to talk about the supporting characters and their lack of personality, however this was most likely with intent, as they serve more as archetypal foils that ferry Fox along her durance. If you're interested in a violent, unique revenge thriller, this will not disappoint. --Kyle Jonathan 

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