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New Releases: Sharks of the Corn (2021) - Reviewed

Posted By themoviesleuth 784 days ago on Entertainment - Trash cinema is a blessed genre unto itself.  Tom Ritter's absolutely insane opus, Sharks of the Corn is a pinnacle of low budget horror.  It's impossible not to be reminded of Wes Craven's horror epic Shocker when viewing, the film is over two hours and weaves not so complex threads together to create a wonderfully putrid amalgam of sex, spies, cultists, corn, and sharks.  Featuring a plethora of hilarious kill scenes, basement level special effects, and an undeniable love for all things horror, this is a charming homage to the many reasons we love movies.  Sharks are manifesting in the corn fields of Druid Hills, killing man, woman, and child.  A police chief, a shady criminal, a journalist, and a serial killer converge on the fields in a race against finned Armageddon.  On first glance, this appears as a SYFY throwaway movie, however, the uncut special edition is a dumpster diving epic.  Filled with meandering plotlines, bizarre characters, and endless waves of fake blood, Ritter weaves the elements of his script together to create a Covid microcosm of inane ideas given form, and it works.  Any sort of taste or rational thought must be eschewed, sacrificed on the altar of independent cinema for enjoyment to be found.  This is a troupe that is not only in love with its inspirations, it is obsessed with the medium, packing every frame with easter eggs and self-deprecation that only enhances the experience. Shannon Shockin stars as multiple characters, but it is her Sheriff Scheider, stuck at the center of the mystery that dominates the bulk of the plot.  She crosses paths with CIA operatives, an enigmatic mass murderer, and enigmatic shark worshippers on her sojourn into the corn in search of her missing sister.  Casey Miracle supports as the mysterious Benchley (yes these are the characters names), bringing an overwhelming amount of cool to the proceedings. Ford Windstar rounds out the central trio as Gottlieb, a journalist who discovers the awful truth while dispensing near fourth wall breaking quips throughout.  The result is a handful of laugh out loud performances that elevate this film into the upper echelons of cult cinema. The main event is the sharks themselves.  The effects range from bag cgi (a proud trademark) predators, to practical, hilariously designed "camera" sharks that stalk multiple victims among the corn.  There is a final incarnation of the creatures, but that is perhaps one of the films' best surprises.  Ritter's passion for the project, along with his understanding of the cast and crew is the final ingredient, which creates a vibrant and irreverent world in which Sharks not only roam the fields, they can fly and assault aerial vehicles with impunity. Now available on a limited special edition blu-ray via SRS media, Sharks of the Corn is one of the best comedic horror experiences of the year.  Fans of extreme genre trash will find a garbage pail trove of treasures to explore.  From it's bloody, audacious beginning to its over-the-top finale, this a textbook example of low budget artistry that is not to be missed. --Kyle Jonathan  

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