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I Deactivated My Twitter Account and Here’s What Happened (How’s That for a Shitty Clickbait Title?!)

Posted By clifhaley 1263 days ago on Humor - Twitter is a hellscape of people hell bent on making the worst parts of humanity – which are fewer than Twitter users would have you think – the only parts that ever get discussed or highlighted. Twitter is nothing but a derby race of people on thoroughbred high horses lobbing barely clever snipes and witless holier-than-thou comments at one another for sport. It’s a fan club for those who idolize outrage. You don’t like Trump? Sure, I get it. You do like Trump? Guess what, I get that, too. But is there anything…anything at all…more interesting to you beyond your political tastes? If not, then you’re a problem for society. You are not an “activist”. You are not “making a difference”. You are wasting your valuable time on this Earth and devaluing your value among humanity. You are participating in nothing more than social media masturbation. Do something more. Here’s a hashtag for you: #QuitTwitter

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