If you want to have a successful blog you need to get serious and you need to create a business plan. Having a clear understanding of your audience and direction of your blog is vital to making it become a success. You need interesting and helpful articles for your readers and you need to make them fun and entertaining to read.

By no means is blogging easy, in fact being the owner of Blog Engage I’ve seen hundreds of bloggers come and I’ve seen hundreds of bloggers quickly go. One thing consistent among the bloggers that remain is they understand their visitors and provide them with what they want to read.

They also love what they do.

There is no trick or fast way to produce quality content, I’m sorry you will have to actually try and you will have to do your research. But it’s not all research, and in today’s post I’m going to share with you ways to ensure your visitors want to return to your site and enjoy their time on it while reading your latest blog posts.

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Terrible Content

There’s nothing worse then visiting a blog post that is filled with terrible content. Take your time to do some research on your subject before you start to write. Terrible content also includes no structure to your posts, no clear direction or focus on the topic and poor quality of information gathered and represented. The most popular bloggers have a clear format within their articles. The most successful bloggers have a good understanding of what they are writing about.

Too Many Ads

I don’t know anything else in the world that makes me leave a website faster than too many advertisements. Nothing destroys even the best of content then a website full of unwanted ads in the face of a reader. If your website or blog is filled with ads then guess what? You suck and so does your blog. Chances are bloggers with tons of ads will not be around long, they are in it for the money and that is it, reality is 90% of all bloggers do not make money! So they quickly quit blogging and loose interest.

Source: NeoMam

Lack of Visual Elements

I am so bored, this post is nothing but words and then more words! Did you know readers following directions with text and illustrations do better than people following directions without illustrations by a shocking 323% This same ideology can be applied when trying to keep your readers attention, visuals add an exciting element to every blog post.

Source: NeoMam

The differences between a blog that sucks and a blog that’s great are huge, but with that said you can make the changes needed so your blog has a chance at becoming great too. You need to understand blogging is NOT easy and requires a lot of work, dedication, research and commitment. Do you have what it takes to ensure you have great content, less ads and more visuals? Perhaps your blog will be great someday too.

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