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PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 Update: Complete Details

Posted By aditya29best 1120 days ago on all - The new Update for 0.15.5 is available in PUBG mobile. This update is approx 0.21 GB for Android Phone .and 0.24 GB for iOS. A new character is coming soon, which Vehicle Engineer – Sara.

Force enable dark mode on any site on Chrome

Posted By aditya29best 1215 days ago on Technology - Dark theme is the upcoming trend now.From Samsung One UI to Facebook's messenger everyone is going dark.And Now Google Chrome also lets you to force-enable  dark theme for all sites.

Why dark theme is good?
No strain on eyes while surfing the sites while lights are closed at night.
Less battery drain on OLED screens of smartphones.
A new look for timebeing.

Get Commando Title in PUBG mobile easily

Posted By aditya29best 1216 days ago on Gaming - PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game and one of the best things for gamers in this game is achievements.In this post we would teach how you can get commando title in PUBG mobile.

How to get Commando title in PUBG mobile?

Google Chrome gets Explore Tab in beta version

Posted By aditya29best 1216 days ago on Technology - You might have already known about this screen.Its the Google screen you get when you swipe left on the main screen in various launchers or in stock android.Its the screen where you get the latest personalised news from various news and blogging sites.

Extend Kindle Paperwhite battery life

Posted By aditya29best 1218 days ago on Technology - Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is one of the boon for the avid book readers all around the globe.With Amazon’s Kindle e-book store built within and good battery life the device it gives the reader a wide array of options from a lot of different categories of books be it Novels, Biographies, comics etc.

I too personally use Kindle Paperwhite on regular basis, the device on one full charge gives me upto 29-30 days of battery life if i read 60-90 minutes daily.

But like we all know that technology also gets aged along with the time of usage, you need to take care of their battery health too.

Puffin Browser : The truth of this browser

Posted By aditya29best 1221 days ago on Mobile - Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast mobile browser. Once users experience the thrilling speed of Puffin, regular Mobile Internet feels like torture. Puffin Web Browser includes Adobe-Flash-Over-Cloud 24/7 now without additional in-app-purchase.

Puffin Browser is a web browser developed by CloudMosa which is an American-based mobile technology company founded by Shioupyn Shen.

Wipro smart bulb Full detailed review: Best Cheap smart bulb?

Posted By aditya29best 1225 days ago on Technology - Smart homes are now getting popularised, thanks to Google Home and Amazon Echo increasing popularity.Eariler mostly the Youtubers and more tech savvy people were acknowledged of this technology, but now we can see that the normal household people are also jump on in the smart home wagon.

Google calculator to show fractions alongside with decimal results

Posted By aditya29best 1226 days ago on Technology - Google has finally pushed an update where when you are calculating on its official calculator app the results would now automatically be shwon in decimal and now in fraction also.There were few times when you had to calculate from some equations but the answers you used to get were absurd and might be having unlimited or repeating decimals. So, it was difficult to use the derived answer to use it somewhere else as it wont be that much accurate , but with fractions as option you can use that fraction format to use it in other calculations.

Netflix launches cheaper Plans for India

Posted By aditya29best 1227 days ago on Entertainment - To penetrate the Indian mobile users market, Company has taken the step to launch new cheaper streaming plan specially for India.It offers SD resolution streaming to one phone or tablet at a time for ₹199 per month. Smart Downloads will be available for people who would like to watch films in low-signal areas. Furthermore, the company has optimized its Android app to reduce load times and to suit lower-spec devices.