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Even Companies With Long Names Can Have Good Logos, Here Are 25 Excellent Examples

Posted By fershid 2069 days ago on Design - When it comes to logo design, a long company name can be quite a challenge. You want to create a logo that’s clean and memorable, but lengthy lines of text can look cluttered and uninspiring.

Professional designers use different techniques to solve the visual challenges of a long brand name. These include:

1. Splitting the name into two or three lines
2. Using different colors for different words
3. Using a condensed typeface
4. Placing the logo symbol between the words

Some companies also use two versions of the same logo – a horizontal logo for wide landscape spaces, and a vertical logo for narrow portrait spaces.

We’ve compiled a list of 25 well-known examples that prove even companies with long names can have good logos. Check them out here.

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