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3D Printed Housing: An Iconic Revolution

Posted By dragonblogger 1061 days ago on Technology - I’ve always been interested in things that could save the environment: things that are much more cost-effective and noteworthy in comparison to other modern-day or tried-and-true solutions. Many people say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But I tend to disagree – because that mindset can limit you from discovering wonderful, new ideas that could revolutionize a whole industry. In fact, the industry in question is architecture itself. Humans have been building buildings since ... Read more

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Roxie Revonae

So… I’m Roxie. To be fair, I’m just some person… girl… thing… on the internet who likes to shout my opinion as loud as I can while also doing it respectfully and trying to come from a place of good intents. I’m an extremely spiritual individual (the legit logic-based para-psychological stuff, not the “woo-woo” nonsense) who has a lot of diverse interests, and spends her time working on herself and trying to get ahead in life. I want to provide my views on topics that would normally be a bit controversial to some in the gaming, sci-fi, tech - whatever you’d call this blog - industry. I play games because I see them as an experience, something to enjoy and get immersed in. My favorite games used to be MMORPG’s but I’m learning to enjoy more single-player experiences as of recently. I’ve felt alone for most of my life, so the ability to interact with other players in games has been something of a comfort to me. Oh and I'm also a heathenous little thing that has to filter myself incessantly just to write these articles.


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