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3 Ways To Stop Being Lazy All The Time

Posted By SuccessTrending 1103 days ago on Personal - Ever this has happened to you that you had planned for some work to complete for next day but you didn't wished to start doing it in the morning when you got ready?Laziness interrupts our life in all ways. It helds us captive without we knowing it.  Laziness is one of the characteristic of humans that directly affect the person's ability even though they are capable. One of the example that we can consider is, even if we thought to start exercising we skip doing. Is there any relation between laziness and procrastination?Procrastination is a deliberate action in which you want to do something other than the job you know you should be doing. Laziness, on the other hand, connotes apathy, inactivity, and a refusal to act.Hence, procrastination is sometimes confused with laziness, but the two are not the same.why some people are lazy whereas some are active?This question even made scientists too curious to know why exactly some are lazy while others are not.Hence they made an experiment on mice to know exactly the psychology behind. They found that it is the motivation for physical activity is what matters the most.When you are less motivated, you're more likely to prefer sitting and simply doing less work.So, scientists says, if you want to fight against the laziness then you'll have to think about doing productive work which will improve your motivation and help you to cope up from laziness. Now, since we know the science behind laziness and how exactly it works. What we can do is we can plan our day in such a way that it will increase our interest and motivation to do the things that are planned and we won't feel lazy. Infact, it's true that laziness becomes a habit if we allow it to conquer over our mind, so keeping our mind alert and keep checking about the things that makes us lazy is important.There is no right time for doing the right things, it becomes prime to change the things immediately once you realize that it is harming your life and creating a negative impact on your future. What effects does Laziness creates on your life?Laziness can be considered as the biggest enemy of your life. It will never allow you to remain clear and focused hence chances of you being in confused state of mind are more. Though it may become a favourite part of some people to not do anything and sit idle but this won't show it's results immediately and you tend to realize the importance of the lost time later in the future. So, later you're left with nothing rather than repending.Impact of laziness on health:The more you're lazy, the more you're tend to prefer sitting idle doing nothing. This affects our body and health too.Because of this practice, our blood does not circulate adequately in our bodies, resulting in a reduction in the amount of pure blood in our bodies.This affects the efficiency of the person too and his energy levels gets low hence, impacting the mind of the person and thereby impacting their skills and intelligence.So, if you want your life to head in positive side, it's important to quit being lazy and concentrate more on how you can improve and design your life.How do you fight laziness?ConclusionOur physical and mental wellbeing are also harmed by laziness. The more we become lazy the more of our thinking capabilities gets down. Whereas, physically in order to avoid the difficult task of life, we also avoid the tasks that are important for our future.It may look like not "so complicated" situation but one day the realization of this mistake will make us to get angry and upset on the self. Nothing less than repending the decisions that we are taking today.So, if you want to fight against laziness, best is to complete your task before deadline. If you are feeling like procrastinating, break your task in each and everyday. This will help you to complete your task before hand without making much efforts that you would need to take otherwise.Secondly, you can try meditating everyday morning. Meditation helps not just in improving your working capabilities but also improves your concentration, making you smarter and sharper.Third and last, you can add new kind of activities everyday in your life. So that your life won't be following the same schedule that you were following and this will keep your life hectic as well as excited.Happiness comes in our life when we give decide to be happy and this happens when we give a chance to those small moments which makes our life special. Getting lazy and just avoiding doing work that can make our life special will impact us. Hence, "Choose Happiness, Choose Life"Your thoughts on this minds us alot, let us know your opinion in the comment box.Thanks and if you liked it, keep sharing this article with your friends.Try the quiz:

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