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10 Great Reads for the Successful Real Estate Agent

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Reading is essential for any professional but especially for the real estate sales person. Well-written, quality books can help you make your way to the top of your industry and can grow your real estate business by leaps and bounds. Readers are winners. Statistics prove it.  

If you’re a real estate agent, especially a new agent, it’s a good idea to establish the habit of reading at least 10-15 minutes per day. Most everyone can spare that amount of time, either first thing in the morning, before bed, or even in the middle of the way when you’ve got a little bit of idle time while perhaps waiting to pick up the kids from school, sitting in line at the drive-in fast food place, or any other spare moments you find.  

Real estate books are a dime a dozen. Some are good, others are so-so, and – still – some aren’t worth cracking open. So, to help you get your reading list started, we’ve assembled a list of our 10 favorites that we’re sure – if read carefully and applied to your everyday work – will help increase your business.   

Sell with Soul by Jennifer Allan

This gem is crafted especially for new agents and is an ideal first book to read before or right after you get started. Subtitled “A New Agent’s Guide to an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate,” this book includes all the basics amd encourages the agent to stay true to him/herself while building sound strategies and confidence. A must-read for novices


Your First Year in Real Estate by Dirk Zeller

Another great book for beginning agents, this one includes all the essentials plus helps you plot a course to avoid the common missteps made by new agents in the field, including those that will cost you time and money and have you running out the door towards a different career. Keep it on your desk for reference.


The Art of Selling Real Estate by Patricia Cliff

Cliff, one of the country’s most successful agents and a member of the Corcoran Group, led by “Shark” Barbara Corcoran, gives you instructions on how to build rapport with your clients and develop trust that will make them life-long customers. This is a great one for those struggling with how to provide more personalized service.


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This personal development book should be read by everyone but is essential for those who regularly work with the public. Carnegie, a master at teaching about interpersonal relationships, offers meatballs of wisdom on how to get along with everyone, even the most difficult clients.


SHIFT by Gary Keller

No, this isn’t a sci-fi novel. It’s a book that can help you change directions when you’re faced with tough times, including a market that’s taken a severe downturn. Keller teaches you how to change your thinking and focus and how to power your business forward, even when it seems like you’ve reached the end of the road. His dozen proven strategies for achieving success in ANY market are excellent


Real Estate Marketing in the 21st Century by Gloria Carter

In this book, Carter offers advice on making the most of 21st century tools, like social media and the internet. She discusses the importance of branding and how it will help you gain notoriety in your market area. There’s plenty of step-by-step advice on these pages to help you better connect with potential clients.


A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Offering Home Staging Advice by Barbara Jennings

Statistics show that well-staged homes sell about 17 percent faster than those that aren’t staged. In this book, Jennings, who is the Director of the Academy of Staging and Redesign, talks about how to advise your clients about good staging practices and lets you know when it’s time to call in the professionals.


The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

This has long been on the list of must-reads for real estate agents and is truly suitable for agents at all levels. Need some basic info? It’s in there. Looking for the answer to something a bit more complex? It’s in there. Penned by one of the founders of Keller-Williams it’s likely one that you’ll read over and over again.


The One Minute Sales Person by Spencer Johnson

If you’re seeking a general sales-related book, this is an excellent one. Johnson helps you understand the 80/20 rule and how eighty percent of our results are produced by only 20 percent of what we do on a daily basis. Great for the seasoned salesperson or the beginner.


Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

Everyone needs a little humor in their day and this book certainly provides it You’ll learn how NOT to take listing photos and which ones certainly won’t entice potential buyers. Some of the photos you’ll find in Donaldson’s book are downright baffling while others are just plain funny. Keep it on your desk to help break the ice with new clients.  


Most of the books listed above are available from retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. A few may be offered as eBooks as well.



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