Everyone has the same twenty four hours in a day and yet some people manage to get more work done, manage to spare some time for life and finally even manages to get some rest and sleep.

It might sound like some insane calculations but it is ultimately all about time management. There are no secrets or rocket science involved, it is just that some people manages their time better.

One can be a morning person, a late riser or simply like their afternoons or evenings better. Depending on what time of the day best suits your productivity, feel free to tweak your best times to get the most work done from your day’s time.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some tips to boost your daily productivity:

1. Finish what you start: When you open an email, make sure you do it with your full responsibility. Whatever the task it requires, if it has to be done, do it right away. Don’t procrastinate.

Emails are some of the worst time wasters online. You might have planned your day’s work already, should be working on an important, possibly time sensitive project and yet you have opened an email which is making you do some tasks that were not even planned for today. It is always best to set aside some time of the day for checking emails and make sure to immediately reply and getting it over with so that you don’t have to give it further more time.

2. Complete your difficult tasks first: Again, taking about procrastination, we like to keep dodging the most difficult and un-interesting tasks for later. This habit needs to be changed because, depending on your most productive time of the day, you should look to get the hardest task done first.

Be it content writing, guest posting or anything which requires more concentration, needs to be tackled when you are fresh and most productive.

3. Check your deadlines: Certain tasks has to be done, there are no choices because the clock is ticking and one can’t allow missing a deadline. This is where time management can help. Remember, not all blogging tasks needs to be done daily, for example blog commenting, forum posting, Quora answering etc. can be skipped in times of emergency which can be replaced with tasks that are nearing deadlines.

4. Take a four hour shift: Working on a longer session allows you to complete multiple works. The blogging four hour shift is an amazing concept where you take up 4 different blogging activities, for example, blog commenting, forum posting, social media management and guest posting and give each task an hour’s time. This way you will be able to complete four basic, yet important blogging tasks in one session.

To each, to his own, this session can be a late morning session which is mostly after breakfast or perhaps early evenings, basically one need to fit three to four hours of time in a single session to make this useful.

5. Dedicate an entire session for content writing: Writing long form blog content or any article is considered as one of the most difficult blogging tasks. Everyone has a different strategy though, for example some people likes to complete the whole article at a go, while others do the frame work for the article first and then complete it later. Either way, dedicate the bulk of the time of a session to do actual content writing, it will speed up the entire process.

6. Do multi-tasking: Eat snacks; drink juice etc. along with blogging. It has been often noticed that while you have something to munch on, you can stay glued on your computer and keep doing your work and not lose concentration or patience along the way.

If you are too much into healthy living then look for some weight loss and healthy snacks. This can include some raw vegetables, sprouts etc.

As a work from home blogger, there might be some regular things like washing clothes or cooking etc. that can be managed along with blogging. Even on a dedicated session, one cannot work for hours without taking small breaks. This is where one can utilize a few minutes of vegetable cutting, putting plates in the dishwasher etc.

7. Walk around for a few minutes: This will help to get some creative juices to flow. While working through a long session, it is better to take a two to five minutes break and walk around your room or your home to get your creativity flowing. Typing and starring into the computer screen for hours at a stretch can slow down your pace of working.

Productivity Tips
Productivity Tips

Physically too, if your back hurts or your hands feel tired of too much typing then it will affect your overall working speed and quality. Returning back fresh after a five minutes break is a productivity booster.

8. Make sure to utilize un-productive time: Sometimes when you don’t like to work or simply lie down and take rest, at times like that, try social media timeline scrolling and YouTube browsing, targeting relevant content and make sure to comment where ever possible.

The secret here is to post genuine comments, making sure that your comment adds value to the content. If you have posted the comment on a relevant video then whatever traffic that comes back to your channel or timeline is relevant and targeted. Most social media algo for video content is targeted towards watch time rather than views, so if the returning traffic is targeted then your watch time is likely going to improve which will help your overall stats. When you work for someone, there is no option but to complete deadlines and stay productive and get more work done. However, as bloggers, you might not face the same degree of discipline which might make some people less productive. This is where self discipline comes into play and with the help of the above productivity tips; one can try and make their time more useful.

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