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How Blog Engage Markets Content for Upgrades and DTFP Clients

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - Hello my blogging friends. Today I bring you a short, well relatively short video on how Blog Engage helps you our blogging customers market your blog content. If you “Upgrade” your blog post, or sign up to our DTFP marketing package in the video below is what I will do to help market your content. […]

Your Blog Sucks! Here’s How To Fix It

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - If you want to have a successful blog you need to get serious and you need to create a business plan. Having a clear understanding of your audience and direction of your blog is vital to making it become a success. You need interesting and helpful articles for your readers and you need to make […]

MeWe New Alternative for Content Marketing and Blog Traffic

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - If you haven’t heard yet, you have now. MeWe is a social media platform that allows content creators to share content, interact, add friends, create business pages and more. In today’s screen cast I give you a tour around the site, explain what I’m doing with the community and how I’m using this tool to […]

Creating Key Relationships With Blog Commenting

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - To this day nothing works better when building new relationships online than blog commenting! Its a vital process to creating a successful online brand and identity. Blog Engage helps you do this and in an extremely efficient and productive manner. In today’s screen cast I share some of my techniques on how I’m using Blog […]

Earn Recurring Commissions With Blog Engage

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - That’s right! When you refer Blog Engage a new customer using Affiliate Lights we pay you %50 Recurring Commissions. This means as long as your referral remains a subscribed client you will continue to get paid monthly. The entire process is extremely easy and can be done within minutes for most bloggers. Our program is […]

Where to Market Your Blog Posts Once Published

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - The Blog Engage DTFP Marketing offers the most bang for your buck! If you’re looking for a way to generate more traffic, social shares and engagement let Blog Engage do the work for you. When you post, we start marketing your blog content and you sit back and watch the results. Blog Engage distributes your […]

An Introduction to Blog Engage

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - When you first sign up to Blog Engage it may feel a bit overwhelming. Understanding how the community works is vital to your success when using it. Blog Engage first of all is a community for bloggers and content creators. This is a place for you to share your own blog content. Blog Engage has […]

Blog Engage Celebrates 13 Years In Existence

Posted By bbrian017 on Blogging - This month we celebrate 13 years of Blog Engage and it’s existence. We have been through many changes, updates, challenges and many growing pains. One thing is for certain, we are still here and blogging is stronger than ever! Our community of 13 years has grown to over 3500 members and tho it is quite, […]

Blog Engage Now Available on Google Play

Posted By bbrian017 on all - Blog Engage allows you to submit, view, visit, vote, and comment on all your favorite blog articles on the internet. This is a social networking app for bloggers, blog readers and content creators. Join, create your profile, add your social networks and start submitting all your favorite blog posts or your own blog posts from your own blog.