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2 days bbrian017 because im happy What Makes You Happy Or Excited? - Dust An Elysian Tail
2 days Alex I agree that marketing is as important as content creation and as you mentioned the times have changed. Back in the day new bloggers struggled with content only and now they have two things to tackle :). Marketing, Just As Important As Content Creation
2 days Alex I think it should be as long as need in order for the blogger to communicate the message to readers. How Long Should A Blog Post Be According to the Top 30 Bloggers
6 days Alex I think the best way to get user to share your content is by providing something they can't find anywhere else. It is tough, but those who succeed will reap the benefits. How To Get Fans And Readers To Share Your Content
8 days Alex I think it is very important that if a blogger wants to make money with eBooks that the eBook is written by the blogger and not some BS downloaded from an affiliate site where you plug in some data to make it appear as your own. The Bloggers Guide To Profiting With eBooks | How To Write An Ebook
8 days FrugalSoldier Hi Catherine, I like your points here. I think it is vital that we provide our audience with a quality product each and every time we write a post. It should draw the reader in for obviously good reasons and not because we have bad formatting, misspelled words, or any other the other reasons you mentioned here. Engagement is vital as well. We take the time to create quality content and now we have to share that content and follow that up by engaging with everyone that reads it. That is how we build lasting relationships and get noticed. Thanks for sharing. How To Start A Blog With Great Blogging Habits
8 days shaanhaider I am using Disqus since last 5 years and it is really awesome... But recently I have started using Facebook Comments as well. I Changed Direction On Blog Comments… Hello Disqus!