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Traffic Generation for Websites

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This group discusses different methods of generating traffic to your website or affiliate link. Includes ppc, ppv, social (twitter, FB), and email marketing. Join and submit your content.

How to Run an Ad Unit Exhaustion Analysis Using AdNgin

Posted By AdNgin 1302 days ago on Advertising - Even the best banner ads become less effective the more you see them. An ad that’s fresh and noticeable one day will gradually blend into the background the more often you see it, leading to a phenomenon advertisers refer to as banner blindness, ad exhaustion or ad fatigue.

Content Niches and Keywords to Avoid for Higher CPCs

Posted By AdNgin 1309 days ago on Advertising - You created some truly epic content and drove truck loads of quality traffic to your website. It makes sense to want to make the most money from every click, and avoid low-priced ads. So don’t say we never did anything for you. Here’s a complete guide to cutting out those low-cpc ads from your inventory.

Monetizing Right with Native Ads

Posted By AdNgin 1323 days ago on Advertising - Native advertising promised to be the savior of online and mobile content monetization, and the natural evolution of digital advertising. But only if you did it right. So is it worth the risk for YOU? Only if you know what you’re doing. And we’re here to help you along..

Optimizing User Experience for Google AdSense Publishers: A Complete How to Guide

Posted By AdNgin 1332 days ago on Advertising -
User experience and AdSense earnings are closely connected. This eBook covers basic and advanced knowledge necessary to optimize your website’s user experience and earn more from AdSense

Which 5 Ad Servers Will Make You More Money in 2016

Posted By AdNgin 1404 days ago on Advertising - Welcome to your graduation ceremony. You’re ready to move up from being a one trick pony and add more ad networks, exchanges, direct advertisers and ad tech providers to your monetization efforts.

That’s the good.

The bad is that you also need to manage all these new services, run reports, and optimize, optimize, optimize. This is where ad servering technology come into play for you as a publisher. The ad server manages all your advertisers in one place and then “serves” the highest paying ad for every user. cha ching.

What’s the ugly?

Where to Buy the Cheapest CPC Ad Clicks?

Posted By AdNgin 1424 days ago on Advertising - CPCs are constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up in the frenzied world of auction based ad networks. But not to worry, we’ve concentrated all of the cheapest or, if you prefer, cost-effective CPC networks out there just for you. We promise not to tell your competitors and jack up the prices….so here goes.