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This group discusses different methods of generating traffic to your website or affiliate link. Includes ppc, ppv, social (twitter, FB), and email marketing. Join and submit your content.

5 Best Sectors and Stocks for Investing in 2019 and after BJP Massive Victory

Posted By ravikumarnama 2 days ago on Finance - Results announced. BJP led NDA Government coming back to power with massive victory. During first period of Modi's Government, the benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty rallied over 50%. It means, Markets will continue this momentum in the coming 5 years. However, analysts warning that the Markets have already factored the victory of BJP led NDA's victory in the last 2 days. Hence a prudent approach is required to invest in the Markets. Analysts saying investors with moderate-to-high risk appetite should continue to invest in the Market. A systematic approach is also a good approach to invest in the Market. We will see what are the Top sectors and stocks that are going to benefit from BJP's landslide victory consecutively.

Introducing Preview Option for Photos / Images on Download Page

Posted By ravikumarnama 3 days ago on Technology - Now, Sharezy is come up with an amazing feature "Preview" to view images / photos on Sharezy Download page. We all take lot of photos from our phones and love to share them to our friends or relatives. It should be easy to share these photos or images. At the same time, it should easy to view these photos before downloading into your devices. To solve this problem, intoducing Preview option on Download page.

Important Points on the Future of Cyber Crime and Cyber Insurance / Digital Insurance

Posted By ravikumarnama 4 days ago on Business - We have entered an era of incredible technological innovation. Unfortunately, the fast-paced technological innovation has given rise to cyber threats which have the potential to cause huge losses. As technology advances, cyber criminals are using more advanced and salable tools to breach user privacy, and they are getting results. As of now, there have been several high-profile cases of cyber crime that involve stolen data, such as personal data, health information and financial details.

5 Riders / Add-on s That You Must Have in Your Term Insurance Plan

Posted By ravikumarnama 6 days ago on Finance - The basic Term Insurance policy would not suffice all our Insurance needs in certain scenarios. Every one should check the above mentioned Riders and tag the necessary Riders based on their requirement. All the Riders are come with low cost and provide high benefits in an untoward events.

Best Ways to Save Your Capital Gain Tax

Posted By ravikumarnama 6 days ago on Finance - Generally the real estate investments are long term investments. People buy a property and sell at higher prices later. Most of the investors sell their property at a profit. Profits or gains arising from selling of these properties or assets are called “Capital Gains” and are charged to tax under the head “Capital Gains”. However, the amount involved in sale / purchase of a property is usually very high and the Capital Gains Tax is also very high. Many of us do not know how to reduce these Capital Gain Taxes and unnecessarily loosing huge money in the form of taxes. We will see what are all the options available to reduce the Capital Gain Tax and to maximize the savings.

how to write an about us page

Posted By smartseoblogger 8 days ago on Marketing - An about us page is unarguably one of the most important pages on your website or your blog.

The reason for this is pretty straight forward.

If you are able to come up with a top quality about us page, you are on your way to having a very well established brand in whatever industry you find yourself.

Just the way an about us page is very vital for the success of any blog, it actually is also not so easy to write.

Greentape - A Best Mobile App for Your Digital Investment Account

Posted By ravikumarnama 8 days ago on Finance - Greentape is a comprehensive solution to ensure that the beneficiary of your investments could get complete information at appropriate time chosen by you, see through the difficult times, and secure deserved benefits. Before going to discuss about the features of Greetape, we will see the total unclaimed amount sleeping in various financial institutions in India.

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online

Posted By ravikumarnama 10 days ago on Business - Freelancing now-a-days becomes great way of working online. The flexibility in working, the flexibility in timing and the flexibility in location making Freelancing more and more popular. Because of the growing popularity, many websites mushroomed in the market that provide freelancing services. There are many companies on the web that allow independent contractors or freelancers and clients to meet. The following are the best Freelance websites which provide very good freelance services.

Financing Your Home in an Urban Area is now Feasible with a Home loan

Posted By ravikumarnama 11 days ago on Finance - For want of better job opportunities and better education, families are increasingly shifting to bigger cities. However, living on rent forever cannot be a feasible option in the long run. The next best alternative is to own a house. But house prices are sky-rocketing, leading to a shortage of housing in urban areas for quite some time now. Not everyone is able to afford a house of their own. To tackle the housing shortage in urban areas, especially among the lower and middle-income segments, credit availability on feasible terms and affordable rates is important. The government and financial institutions have been trying to implement that from time to time.

5 Financial Steps You Must Take When Planning to Start a Family

Posted By ravikumarnama 12 days ago on Finance - A completeness in the life comes with Children. Children bring us a sense of happiness and contentment in our lives. Once you become a parent, apart from emotional changes, there are some financial changes that you must bring about in your life for the well-being of your little one. You must take some financial resolutions as and when you start a family for smooth sailing of your financial life. What are those financial resolutions? How we can achieve these resolutions?? - One Service to Many Devices and Networks

Posted By ravikumarnama 14 days ago on Technology - can be accessible on all your devices: laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Send and share your important files / photos / videos / movies quickly with few clicks, and get a download link that will be sent directly to your contacts, or easily get a custom link and share it however you’d like on forums and social media.

Sharezy - One Service to Many Devices and Networks

Posted By ravikumarnama 15 days ago on Technology - can be accessible on all your devices: laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Send and share your important files / photos / videos / movies quickly with few clicks, and get a download link that will be sent directly to your contacts, or easily get a custom link and share it however you'd like on forums and social media.

6 Best Re-Commerce Websites to Sell out Your Used Items

Posted By ravikumarnama 16 days ago on Business - After e-commerce, the Re-commerce or Reverse Commerce getting popular business model of online. The Re-commerce is an activity that promotes the re-marketing of used goods by organizing the resale of these goods to merchants by the owners. Many new start-ups are chasing in this big Re-commerce opportunity. To gain new customers and lure people away from online classified as well as offline stores, these re-commerce companies offering product specialization, a more scientific price discovery mechanism and higher convenience to bring the second-hand goods market online. What are these Re-commerce websites? How these are different from Olx, Quickr or eBay? What are the benefits from Re-commerce websites? What are the best Re-commerce websites available? We will see in this article...