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T3 v16.4 - Out Now!

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - New T3 Release Now AvailableThe latest T3 workouts from TRAINFITNESS are now available. The fourth T3 release of 2016 has been designed specifically to help your clients achieve their fitness goals. Check out the v16.4 preview of each of the programmes below.As always, there’s a great new music sound track to motivate your clients all the way through the workout.  T3 blast™ v16.4 Right after the warm-up, you’ll be thrown into the Lion’s Den with this release’ PHA Complex – not only does it test your work capacity through alternating upper- and lower-body dynamic moves, but it’ll also test your explosive push and jump lunging patterns – one second you’re down on the ground,

fx v16.2 - Out Now!

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - New fx Release Now AvailableThe latest fx workouts from TRAINFITNESS are now available in the app.  blast fx™ v16.2 This release includes a focus on transverse planar work including a Transverse Lunge and Transverse Delt Raises with the aim of challenging proprioception and core stability. Also included are two great peripheral heart action tracks targeting Pectorals, then Lats, Gluteals and Hamstrings. Increase the weight slightly on these tracks and your clients will feel a whole new challenge.         fight fx™ v16.2 Our resident fight fx choreography Unnur Pálmarsdóttir‎


Posted By TrainFitness on Health - The TRAINFITNESS ExperienceI first became aware of TRAINFITNESS back in 2009 after qualifying as a Zumba Instructor and looking to further my knowledge in the industry. I’d researched many different providers and TRAINFITNESS seemed to be the most competitive in price, and the most impressive in course.Not long after I became pregnant with my daughter and so my plans of becoming a Fitness Instructor were put on hold temporarily! Fast Forward to 2012 and I finally bit the bullet and signed up to do my ETM.One of the things that attracted me to TRAINFITNESS was the option to study from home. At the time I had a two year old daughter and as a stay at home mum (I taught Zumba in the evenings three times per week), I had very little time to myself!I was able to study from pretty much any

Why Not Take Your Training Outdoors

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Why Not Take Your Training Outdoors?It’s summer time and the weather is (sometimes) fine! We asked London based personal trainer Rachel Thompson for her take on training outdoors:"Now summer is here so why not take your training outdoors. I love nothing more than a sunny Saturday afternoon training in one of London's green spaces. But why would I want to train outside when I have access to train in various indoor gyms with awesome pieces of kit and up to date equipment?"Well there are so many benefits to outdoor training I would be silly not to get my butt outside."Training outdoors is a great way to expose your body and muscles to a new stimulus. If you are always training inside a gym with free weights or fixed equipment, trying an outdoor body weight session will challenge your

Creating Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -   Creating Healthy Smoothie RecipesBy Bryn Ray   You'll find healthy smoothie recipes all over the internet these days, but wouldn't it be nice to know the perfect formula for making your own? Well, here at TRAINFITNESS we've whipped up a simple five step guide of how to create your own healthy smoothie recipes.Healthy smoothies are the ideal fuel when on the move be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply a snack. When made correctly smoothies can provide the important protein, vitamins and minerals needed to maximise your nutrient intake.Step 1: Fruit & VegAt the heart of all healthy smoothie recipes is a variety of fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables. Anywhere between 2-4 types should do the trick. Try to pick a variety of colors to maximise the range of

Setting Up Your Own Fitness Business

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -   Setting Up Your Own Fitness BusinessBy Hannah Tyldesley    There is nothing more liberating than working for yourself. Setting up your own Fitness Business is a truly rewarding experience. However, like setting up any business, it requires a considerable amount of hard work and dedication. The Personal Training industry is becoming increasingly competitive. That said, competition should be embraced, as it will force you to create a great service or product that excites you and your target market. Here are 5 tips that will go some way to guaranteeing your success in setting up your own fitness business.1) MindsetIt all starts with your thoughts and how you view yourself. You must have a high level of confidence. The good thing is, you can develop this. Techniques

How To Work With Arthritic Clients

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -   How To Work With Arthritic ClientsBy Tom Godwin    Arthritis is a condition that affects many clients in the UK and as a fitness professional there is a strong chance that at some point in your career you will work with a client who suffers with it. There are two types of arthritis that people can suffer with: Osteoarthritis - this is where there is damage to the cartilage of a joint most commonly due to wear and tear. This is normally localised and common in hips and knees, or any joints that have seen excessive use. The condition will greatly affect movement and results in pain, leading in many cases to a loss in the level of functional ability. It is generally localised to the joints affected and does not spread. This condition is brought on by obesity, repet

Curbing the sweet tooth made simple

Posted By TrainFitness on Health - Curbing the sweet tooth made simple!By Hannah TyldesleyWhen it comes to curbing the sweet tooth, we're never short of choice. The 'healthy snacks' market is every growing, be it bountiful berry or sumptuous salted caramel, there's a company out there that has got it covered. One thing we have found though, is that it can difficult to determine the good sugars from the bad, the natural from the unnatural. To conquer these queries, we've compiled a list of our 5 favourites...1. Pulsin BarsThe perfect pocket snack for on the go. Vegan, gluten and dairy free these bars suit everyone, packing in the protein whilst low in sugar and deliciously tasty. They also come in a variety of flavours including almond and raisin, and orange chocolate chip! Who's hungry? Whit

Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -   Healthy Eating Tips and TricksBy Richard Scrivener   1. Select foods with only one ingredient – the food itself 2. Healthy snack options are hard to come by on the fly. So stock up with beef jerky, mixed nuts, (really) dark chocolate (80-90%), protein powder, nut butter and a spoon!3. Make the government guidelines of five fruit and veg your minimum; shoot for five to eight per day4. Get a large Kilner jar, as many veggies of different colours as you can, chop ‘till your hands hurt, and throw them all in the air tight jar. Toss them into quick omelets, stir-fries and to accompany main meals. 5. Have breakfast ready before you wake up. Make an egg frittata the night before (tossing in veggies too) - the bigger the better. Cut into even portions and ha

The Ultimate Power Smoothie

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -     The Ultimate Power Smoothie By Hannah Tyldesley     Another day, another smoothie. 1 large Banana for natural sweetness and body. 200ml Rude Health Almond Drink for a silky smooth base. 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil for your superfood fix. 2 tbsp Rude Health Smoothie Oats to thicken it up. 1 tsp peanut butter, just because we can. Optional extras - 1 tsp of Maca Powder for an extra sprinkling of superfood goodness and a handful of ice. Top with a sprinkling of Rude Health. Ultimate Granola for a cracking crunch and you’re away.

Competing as a Vegan

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -   Competing as a VeganBy Charlotte Clarke  I’m Charlotte, a Vegan Bikini Fitness Competitor and Health and Fitness Blogger.For the last five months I have undergone competition prep to compete for the first time as a Bikini Model. In terms of training, it is essentially bodybuilding. Sound scary? Thought so! Do not fear, this does not mean that my physique is going to switch from petite dancer to Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight. You may be thinking some of the following:• She’s vegan• She’s so small• She’s a girl• Girls shouldn’t have muscles• She’s going to get hooked on steroids• That’s gross• She’s going to get really big and look stupidOr you might be thinking:• I respect that&b

Build Your Own HIIT Workout

Posted By TrainFitness on Health -   Build Your Own HIIT WorkoutBy Bryn Ray   When it comes to getting the heart racing, a HIIT programme is the remedy required. Short bursts of high energy combined with little rest will have the endorphins screaming and the metabolism fired. But with endless ideas out there how exactly do you know you’re working to ensure efficient and effective fat burn?This is where we step in with our ‘Perfect HIIT Programme’ helping you to build the workout your body craves ahead of the summer months. Follow our 7 step guide to building your HIIT Programme based on our T3 workouts covering mobility, recovery and relaxation as well as the all-important high intensity intervals.Section 1= General MobilisationFirst, we want to prepare the body for exercise. This