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9 Writing Mistakes That Makes You Look Like An Idiot

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - In this post you’ll discover the hidden truth why you’ll never succeed and how to win.

Yes, you’ll learn the greatest writing lessons ever.
You‘ll discover the only reasons why you’ve stumbled around in the dark.

Here is the thing:

You are making some critical mistakes that are striping your content of its powers.

Lets show exactly what they are.

Top Free High PR Link Directory Submission Sites List

Posted By soltinidotcom on Blog Tips - Exclusive list of High DA PA free link directories. Do you know why they are important ? While talking about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) link building is one of the main factor for getting any website on top of Google and other Search engines. As we know, there can be variations of links that can be created for a website. Links from Link directories is one among the variations of Link Building. Link Directories also called web directories are the sites which are the directories of website links kept as archive.

Moving from Blogger to WordPress: Importing and Fixing Your Blogger Posts

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - This article will take a look at the practical part: how to actually transfer all of your blog posts into your shiny new WordPress installation and how to get rid of the problems that come with this.

What Is Gamification? Here Is How You Can Use It To Improve Your Blog

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - “Gamification” is the practice of integrating dynamics usually associated with the online gaming world to websites, communities, advertising campaigns, in order to increase the interaction and the ultimate experience for users.

Who would not like a hyper-reactive community, where users respond in mass to each stimulus?

What Is a Gravatar and Why You Should Use It (Plus “Add New Default Avatar” Plugin)

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - In this article I’ll explain what is a gravatar and how you can get your own.

Plus, I’ll give an advice on how to personalize blog commenters without a custom avatar, so you can either display your site logo.