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The Honeymoon Phase: Everything You Need to Know

Posted By Womenio on Creative Lifestyle - If you just started a new relationship with your partner, chances are you are still in a euphoric, getting to know each other period in the relationship known as the "honeymoon phase".  As the term implies, the honeymoon phase is similar to the euphoria experienced by newly married couples. Typically, couples experience the honeymoon phase...Read More

3 Types Of Chest Injuries

Posted By Womenio on Creative Lifestyle - Figuring in accidents is a serious matter. It can result in bodily injuries and, in worst cases, death. One type of injury resulting from these accidents is chest injury. Chest injuries occur at the chest wall (the skin, bones, fat, and muscles securing the lungs, such as your ribs and sternum) or any of the...Read More

How to Start Investing Money: A 9-Step Guide for Beginners

Posted By investedparents on Creative Lifestyle - Learning how to start investing can feel confusing to new investors. Failed attempts to translate investment jargon and seeing ticker symbols run across your screen...

A Thrilling List of Hobbies: 50 Hobbies for Better Health & A Happier Life

Posted By investedparents on Creative Lifestyle - Research supports that regular leisure activities can reduce blood pressure, cortisol, or stress levels and even decrease your BMI. Leisure activities can include different hobbies...

A Guide to Throw An Unforgettable Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Posted By investedparents on Creative Lifestyle - It’s no secret that kids’ birthday parties can be expensive. Between the cost of food, decorations, and entertainment, parents can easily spend hundreds of dollars...