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The Miracle of a Retinol Routine

Posted By delicatebeauty on Health - Amazing, renewing and an absolute miracle— Retinol is now available in beauty products for people to use at their own liberty.No more dermatologist trips or doctor’s prescriptions – retinol benefits are now in your hands! So what is this miracle product and why do you need it?Hello, RetinolDerived from Vitamin A, this powerful ingredient is packed into miracle retinol moisturizers to rid your skin of dark spots, pigmentation, saggy skin, crows’ feet and other skin issues that arise due to exposure.If you’re wondering, “does retinol work?”, we’re here to tell you that it does! Retinol for skin helps to:Dramatically reduce excess sebum productionSpeed up the skin’s renewal cycleIncrease skin’s tautness and elasticityGet rid of stubborn acne – like cystic acne or acne vulgarisRenew skin from

What Is Thoughtography?

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Those that remember the days of real photographic film will recall how strange it was when the image wasn’t right. Double exposures, lens flares and processing errors led to weird shapes and shadows. This was nothing compared to the images created by thoughtography.
What is thoughtography?
If you are unfamiliar with the term then that isn’t a surprise. It is an awkward word for a now-debunked paranormal phenomenon. A better term is that of physic photography. This explains the process a little better as thoughtography is the act of transferring images from the mind onto photographic film. The idea is that the mental image is so strong that it burns into the film and can be developed as a photograph. Another term is projected thermography. This implies somethi

Sentimental Sweethearts ~ Elly & Sam’s Maui Wedding Photography

Posted By karmahill on Photography - Elly and Sam are the most amazing couple and we were truly honored to take their Maui Wedding Photography! These two were so in love on their wedding day. And after dating in high school and being together for 7 years, they were more than ready to say “I do”! A Sentimental Song One of […]The post Sentimental Sweethearts ~ Elly & Sam’s Maui Wedding Photography appeared first on Karma Hill Photography.

Surrounded by Family ~ Maria & Daniel’s Maui Destination Wedding

Posted By Simplemauiwed on Weddings - This couple was surrounded by family at their Maui Destination Wedding. It’s not always easy to make the trip, but it’s always worth it! Maria and Daniel even had their niece and two adorable twin nephews helped throw petals for our bride’s entrance. And Maria’s sister walked her down the aisle, which was an extra […]The post Surrounded by Family ~ Maria & Daniel’s Maui Destination Wedding appeared first on Simple Maui Wedding.

What is Telepathy?

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Is it possible to transmit your thoughts and ideas through the air, to another human being, without ever opening your mouth or reaching for a pen (or smartphone)? Can humans truly reach such a peak of wordless understanding?
For spiritualists and alternative healers who believe in telepathy, the answer is undoubtedly yes.
What is Telepathy?
Telepathy, coming from the Greek tele (far) and patheia (perception or feeling), is a concept which stipulates that certain people can transmit thoughts and feelings over distances with only their minds. In short, it is understood by most people as the ability to undertake direct and unspoken communication. To speak directly into the mind of another and be understood as clearly as if you were writing or physically saying th

Webinar Recap: Multi-Manager Designation

Posted By loculogic on Property - Access the webinar recording here: Multi-Manager Designation Not every manager on your team will perform the same role and need the same information. At Rentec Direct, we know the value of making it easy to manage communication and specific property tasks for managers with specific roles.  Rentec Direct recently hosted a webinar for clients to […]
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87 Bruce Lee Quotes to Help You Be Like Water

Posted By stevescottsite on Self Improvement - Bruce Lee was more than just a movie star. He was also a philosopher, an author, a poet, and a teacher of martial arts. He brought martial arts to the world’s attention like nobody else could. More importantly, his movies bridged the cultural divide between the East and the West during a time when the world […]The post 87 Bruce Lee Quotes to Help You Be Like Water appeared first on Develop Good Habits.

Genuine Smiles ~ The Mignogna’s Maui Family Portraits

Posted By karmahill on Photography - We are so glad these parents decided to take Maui Family Portraits while here on vacation with their sons, Mason and Camden. Last time Julie and Bobby were here was on their honeymoon. But this time around was definitely different with 2 little ones! And so we’re thrilled we could capture the excitement and love […]The post Genuine Smiles ~ The Mignogna’s Maui Family Portraits appeared first on Karma Hill Photography.

New Feature Alert: Creating Quick Filters!

Posted By Prisync on Business - Hey Prisync users, followers, it’s time to announce a new feature that will help you save your frequently used filters so that you can reach those views with a single click. Based on our observations from our users, the filter is one of the most used features to break down the products according to certain ...

How to Change the World in 75 Simple Steps

Posted By stevescottsite on Body and Mind - I'd love to change the world But I don't know what to do So I'll leave it up to you            –   Ten Years After Can you relate to these lyrics? I think we’ve all thought about changing the world at one point or another. Of course, as the song implies, […]
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What Is Scrying?

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The most common definition of the term scrying is to tell someone’s future with a crystal ball. In reality, crystal balls and fortune-telling are a small part of a much wider set of beliefs. Scrying, in one form or another, is popular in modern cultures that embrace witchcraft and divination. Yet, there are also links to ancient cultures and some religions. It all depends on what we want to know and how we go about obtaining that information.
What is scrying?
Scrying is the practice of using an item with a reflective surface to gain answers that aren’t available in our physical realm. Fortune telling is a part of this as seers seek prophecy and enlightenment on what is to come. Yet, it can also be used to seek answers in times of trouble or to find inspiration