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Do Your Readers Know about Your Blogging Products and Services?

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - That is me. I just snapped a silly image of me. Pointing to 4 of my paperbacks on Amazon. In the video I filmed, related to this image, I noted having: 126 eBooks 30 plus audio books 30 plus paperbacks on sites like Amazon, iTunes and Audible. So my readers know I have these forms of help available to them. Clear. Transparent. Simple. Powerful. Assuming You know what they say about assuming, right? Since this blog is G-rated I will refrain from the graphic concept behind assuming. Yes, it is potty-mouthed. But most bloggers assume their readers know exactly what The post Do Your Readers Know about Your Blogging Products and Services? appeared first on Blogging Tips.

Amazing! How to use apple cider vinegar to treat bad breath?

Posted By medlicker on Health - Over 80 million Americans suffer from bad breath. This symptom, also called halitosis, is very unpleasant and may affect your social life due to the unpleasant odor of your mouth. Therefore proper treatment is necessary. One of the popular home or natural treatment option for bad breath is apple cider vinegar and in this post we shall take a detailed look on why and how apple cider vinegar may be useful in dealing with halitosis. Detailed instructions on how to use this natural remedy are included.

How to Create a Killer About Page

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - Whether you’re a solo-preneur or part of a thousand-strong team, your “About” page is one of the most important pages on your website.

Take a moment to think about your own browsing habits: when you find a new business that looks interesting, the “About” page is usually one of the first places you go to find out more about the organization and its people. As one of the most visited pages on your website, you want to make your “About” page represent the best side of you and your business.

After all, it could mean the difference between an interested reader who eventually becomes a customer, and a bored browser who leaves your website, never to return.

Here are some tips to help you create an “About” page that will keep your visitors hooked.

How Trump’s executive order impacts future of ‘Obamacare’

Posted By stlnews on News - WASHINGTON/January 22, 2017 (AP)(STL.News) — President Donald Trump’s first executive order targets the sweeping “Obamacare” law by giving federal agencies broad leeway to chip away at the measure. But Trump still needs Congress to do away with the law for good. Trump signed the executive order in the Oval Office Friday, hours after being sworn […]The post How Trump’s executive order impacts future of ‘Obamacare’ appeared first on STL.News - St. Louis News & Events.

Solidarity Blogging Award

Posted By shopgirlanonymous on Shopping - A special thinks to Quill & Parchment for thinking of me when selecting the recipients of this award.   Although as of recent I feel undeserving of any sort of solidarity award.   I do have to apologize to my dear readers and fellow bloggers, that recently we have been preparing for a move that has arrived … Continue reading Solidarity Blogging Award

St. Louis to play host to real estate investing conference

Posted By stlrealestate on Real Estate - ST LOUIS, MO/January 20, 2017 (STLRealEstate.News) St. Louis is going to host a monumental real estate investing conference this April right from the heart of the city.  Laura Alamery and Friends present their landmark St. Louis Real Estate Wealth Building Conference on April 1 at the Brentwood Community Center in the St. Louis suburb of […]The post St. Louis to play host to real estate investing conference appeared first on STL Real Estate News.

Not Your Typical Sandwich Shop – Nora’s in Dogtown

Posted By investmart007 on Food - Nora’s in Dogtown St. Louis, MO/January 21, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – Some restaurants make a big production out of food preparation.  Others create amazing dishes with trendy ingredients.  A few serve plates so artfully arranged, you want to look at it instead of eating it.  And then there’s the quirky little sandwich shop that simply combines […]The post Not Your Typical Sandwich Shop – Nora’s in Dogtown appeared first on St. Louis Restaurant News.

Technology Trends to Rock Your Event in 2017

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - New tech will allow event organisers to engage with clients and attendees in ways that they never thought possible. Here are 10 trends that will rock 2017...
The post Technology Trends to Rock Your Event in 2017 appeared first on Printsome Blog.

It's Not Too Late to Hire a Snow Removal Company This Winter

Posted By servicedot on Home - Plan Ahead Before the Storm Hits. Know You're Covered by a Snow Removal Company! It's hard to believe that winter has only just officially arrived a week ago. Cold is our constant. Being Northerners, it seems like green is a blip on the seasonal radar. And, as much as we'd love life to stop for snow so we can cozy up and hibernate for the day; sadly, only kids get snow days. We are left to dig out and get ourselves to work and carry on with life. But to do that, we need the proper equipment, or better yet, help!

How to Publish 92 Guest Posts on 1 Blog and 101 Video Guest Posts on Another Blog

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - OK. Here you go: Ryan Biddulph’s 92 Guest Posts on Blogging Tips Dot Com. This satiates the “92 guest posts” aspect of the title. 101 video posts later. Good. Now we have that out of the way, you may be thinking a few things: why did I mention myself in the 3rd person? how in the heck did I write and publish 92 guest posts here? and 101 video guest posts on The Huffington Post? Your answers: I am silly I shall explain below The thing I quickly learned was to be prolific I had to stop caring about being The post How to Publish 92 Guest Posts on 1 Blog and 101 Video Guest Posts on Another Blog appeared first on Blogging Tips.

The ultimate guide to laser scar removal

Posted By medlicker on Health - A scar (or cicatrix) appears when your skin mends itself from a wound caused by an infection, accident, surgery or inflammation. Scars may differ in size and shape and usually start out as reddish in color and thick and become lighter over time, or turn sunken, flat or lumpy. Sometimes your scar may get hypertrophic (bigger) or turn into a keloid (a particularly big overgrown scar) and you may want to get it removed. Various scar removal methods are available and this post takes a detailed look at laser scar removal therapy.

12 Travel Email Templates to Cruise Thru for Design Inspiration

Posted By emailmonks on Marketing - As we roll into one of the two peak seasons as far as the travel email marketing industry is concerned, our inboxes seem to be teeming with travel newsletters from all those amazing travel websites we once subscribed to. It’s the time when everyone in the travel & hospitality industry would burn the midnight oil […]The post 12 Travel Email Templates to Cruise Thru for Design Inspiration appeared first on Email Monks Blog: Email Marketing Tips & Best Practices.