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How to Financially Get Your $hit Together (Adulting: 202)

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - In adulting 101, we are taught that success in life is as simple as following a few memes. As if the only thing standing between you and conquering … How to Financially Get Your $hit Together (Adulting: 202) Read More »

Top Ten Tips In Buying Electric Mobility Rides

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - Once you are experiencing deterioration and limitation in your ability to move around, you may consider investing in getting an electric mobility ride. The use of mobility rides (like electric scooters and electric wheelchair attachment) has shown improvement in a person’s social participation, personal abilities and overall satisfaction in life. However, before you buy an electric scooter, for example, you should put some effort into thinking if it will surely add value to your life.
Your electric mobility scooter is known to be hand-operated by nature. It has a steering column which permits the rider to move forward or turn in various directions as well as of go on reverse. This is best recommended for people with walking difficulties and disabilities.
The number of people with limited

The Best Apps to Make Money In 2020 ($$$)

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7 User Experience Tips To Get More Leads From Your Fitness Website

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Your website is the home of your personal training business on the internet. Unlike social media, you have some control over your website and aren’t subject to the changing whims of the algorithm. Investing in a website can be a wise move for personal trainers, and there are a few quick wins that can set you up for long term success. 1. Your Personal Trainer Website Loads Quickly Using eye-catching images - particularly those of your clients, their successes and yourself is [...]

7 Signs of Gaslighting in Your Relationship or Marriage

Posted By stevescottsite on Self Improvement - “Stop being so sensitive.” “Don’t you think you’re overreacting?” From the 1944 movie, Gaslight, to being one of 2018’s most popular words of the year, this manipulative tactic has proven to be effective for anyone trying to gain control over someone else. Gaslighting gained popularity among professionals in the 1980s when gaslighting was written about […]
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25 of the Best Side Hustles in 2020

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - Gain financial freedom with these creative money-making side hustles.  With COVID-19 unemployment stimulus benefits running out and jobless claims plateauing, people are hungry for new ways to make … 25 of the Best Side Hustles in 2020 Read More »

Blog Engage Now Available on Google Play

Posted By bbrian017 on all - Blog Engage allows you to submit, view, visit, vote, and comment on all your favorite blog articles on the internet. This is a social networking app for bloggers, blog readers and content creators. Join, create your profile, add your social networks and start submitting all your favorite blog posts or your own blog posts from your own blog.

Top Ten Tips When Buying An E-Scooter

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - The popularity of electric scooters has reached superstardom during the past couple of years. There are a growing number of patronizers (ranging from kids, teens, and adults) who are into using e-rideables. One of which is the use of e-scooter as an alternative way of moving around. While e-scooters are a fun way to commute, there are specific rules and etiquette to observe. 

Right off our site, you will see several types of electric scooters. We can provide a specific model from the following brands in the market:
E-glide, Kaabo, Epic, Inokim, Mercane, Otto, Unagi, Scooter Project, Xiaomi, and Zero. We thought of building a help-guide that will be a useful reference for buyers of e-scooters
To help you find the best deal for your e-scooter, we have gathered a few practical tips when buy