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PostPlanner Tutorial: Never Worry about What to Post on Social Media

Ileane on Video Blogging - PostPlanner Tutorial: Never Worry about What to Post on Social MediaPostPlanner makes it so you will never run out of content ideas for Facebook and other social sites. I absolutely love PostPlanner and you can get it here Did you...From:Ileane SmithViews:2 0ratingsTime:06:53More inHowto & Style

ALS Icebucket Challenge and testing the Etekcity DT8550 Digital Thermometer

dragonblogger on Video Blogging - ALS Icebucket Challenge and testing the Etekcity DT8550 Digital ThermometerALS Icebucket Challenge adn testing the Etekcity DT8550. In this video I used water that I had already used from taking my family to the pool, packing food and all, so I dumped the water and...From:Dragon Blogger Technology and EntertainmentViews:7 1ratingsTime:02:26More inScience & Technology

The Best Blog Sites Know How to Argue, and You Will Too

darinlhammond on Blog Tips - When is the last time you got into a heated debate or fight?

Did anything productive come from it?

I choose to hang around with people who don't like to fight, but like to argue. What's the difference?

Fighting is violent, abusive, and loud, with both opponents looking silly, base.

Arguing, however, elevates both opponents by forcing them to clarify, justify, and reason to persuade an audience. Each opponent listens and responds to the other in turn.

Next big thing from Apple – Apple iWatch

UpWired on News - Apple iPhone 6 will be revealed in September. At least, geeks speculate it will be revealed then. However, besides iPhone, Apple will probably reveal one more device – the iWatch. Wearable devices such as watches (Samsung Gear) and glasses (Google Glass) have been around for a few years, but it seems that everyone just waits for Apple to take the next step and to reveal what could be the most amazing piece of wearable tech, well since we started to wear ordinary watches. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said once: “I think the wrist is interesting. I’m wearing this (Nike Fuelband) on my wrist…it’s somewhat natural. But as I said before, I think for something to work here, you first have to convince people it’s so incredible that they want to wear it.” So, the

Marketing Online, 9 things NOT To do

BrianNewmark on Marketing - Online marketing can be done on several channels. Each offers unique benefits and with every marketing method one can explore a wide range of opportunities. There are social platforms, PPC, SEO and there are a whole host of marketing methods like guest blogging, content marketing etc. Any marketing method is worth doing as long as […]

How Viral Movement Can Change The World

JaysonFeltner on Blogging - While the headlines are often dominated by shootings, riots, war, and other despicable acts, one headline has swept the country that is generous and heartwarming.  The Ice Bucket Challenge.The fact that people have gotten behind such a movement isn’t surprising.  Nor is the fact that more than $50 Million will be raised for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) research.  I should note, that is an increase of $48 Million over what they raised last year.  What is surprising to me is that we haven’t been able, until now, to move the needle in this way in the medical community.The magic of going viral has been harnessed countless times to expand enterprise, one of my favorites is Dollar Shave Club…

Unboxing the Aukey Quad-USB Port Car Charger

dragonblogger on Video Blogging - Unboxing the Aukey Quad-USB Port Car ChargerCheck out the unboxing of the Aukey Quad-USB Port Car Charger Review coming shortly on Check it out on Amazon in Black Blogger Technology and EntertainmentViews:0 0ratingsTime:05:53More inScience & Technology

“Young People Are Lazy” Is A Lie

JaysonFeltner on Blogging - You’d probably be surprised to know how many times I’ve heard “young people are lazy” in meetings during my short career.  It always dumbfounds me when I hear such a lie.  Not because it’s a lie, but because I am a young person.I always wonder to myself what the person must be thinking about me.  I often assume they’re not talking about me or they wouldn’t have said such a thing.  Twenty-nine after all still qualifies me as young.People who say that young people are lazy must be fooled by my look, my position, or they just assume I’m some exception to the rule.  Like I’m supposed to know that I’m somehow not part of the young and …