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The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 11 – How to tell a story with impact

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - Each of us have stories to tell which hold the wisdom and power to influence, inspire and connect with others in a way that facts, numbers and data can’t even come close. It seems to me that the last thing people really want more of at the moment is information. Emails, texts, social media, instant messaging, the media, our boss, colleagues and customers together with report after report after report; we are all drowning in information. Don’t get me wrong - we want to keep learning and we need the facts but there has to be a better way. A way to get the information on an emotional as well as an intellectual level that impresses and motivates us to act. By far the most effective way to help people to learn and to connect and engage emotionally to any important message is throug

Top 8 Writing Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Online

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - What are the mistakes to avoid when writing online?

These insights are valuable not only for beginner writers, but also for authors with years of experience. And a good portion of these suggestions is adequate even to those who are wondering how to create an effective website.

In short: do read this post, so to understand how to prevent these content mistakes.

How to Train Your Team to Think Strategically

Posted By GuestCrew on Business - Strategic thinking can be taught. The Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness (CMOE) offers multiple comprehensive Applied Strategic Thinking workshops for management and every level of employee. They teach how market leadership requires strategic thinking and stress the importance of a company’s culture to their success

5 Things You Can’t Forget on the Day of Your Event

Posted By Printsome on Blogging - An event planner is like the captain of a ship, nobody likes to see them nervous. So in order to help you we’ve put together 5 simple things that we should never ever, ever forget on the day of an event. The post 5 Things You Can’t Forget on the Day of Your Event appeared first on Printsome Blog.

Why You Should Launch A New Concept In 2015

Posted By erikemanuelli on Business - 2015 is the best year in recent memory to launch a new business concept. The state of the global economy has improved, and it’s easier than ever before to gain investment.
The information on this page should leave you with no doubts about timing. As far as we’re concerned, any hesitation could hinder your prospects.
It’s impossible to say what the situation will be like in six months time. That means you need to act fast and capitalise on the current situation.

The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 12 – How to make the right first impression

Posted By mauriced on Public Speaking - How long do you really have before you make that all important first impression? Is it 5 seconds, 10 seconds or perhaps a little longer? Researchers at Princeton University believe that it takes only one tenth of a second for someone to judge us as soon as they see our face. That may be difficult for some people to believe but think about the last time you were introduced to a stranger - didn’t you get a feeling about them in an instant?

Multilingual Website Translation and Search Optimization Made Easy

Posted By GuestCrew on WebSites - Marketing to foreign audiences is challenging and

Products and advertising that succeed in one
country may fail in another country.
Entering a new market without first-hand
knowledge can prove disastrous.

13 Healthy Foods to Cure Your Hangover

Posted By erikemanuelli on Health - If you are experiencing a hangover, you just want to feel better.

When everything seems lost, do not lose your hope, because this post is going to show 13 healthy foods to help get you through the hangover and recover quickly.

1000 Visitors Per Day In The Next 90 Days Challenge

Posted By dlane1987 on Blogging - I have decided to take up a challenge set on the Warrior Forum. The Challenge is to get 1000 Visitors a day in 90 days blogging alone. And $2500 a month I’m going to change this to $100 per day in 90 days (I changed this to fit in with another Challenge on WF and so I can stick with the daily measurement. (This I guess is so theres no cheating and the visitors have to actually produce income not just bots or trash traffic. Today is 10 September 2015. My End for this challenge is December 9, 2015. At the The post 1000 Visitors Per Day In The Next 90 Days Challenge appeared first on Dans Passive Income.

125 Marketing Quotes from Top Bloggers

Posted By GuestCrew on Social Media - So much goes on in the blogosphere - how do you stay updated?

While there’s no dearth of quality content in the online marketing space - we decided to compile a top 125 list, thus making sure we have included all of our favorite marketing articles.

So, without further delay - here’s the best of the best – Marketing Content Round-up.