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Boost Your Website’s Presence with These 5 White Hat SEO Tactics

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - If you know about SEO, you've already got one foot in the search engine ranking game. However, you can only completely immerse yourself in SEO when you understand that both good and bad practices truly determine you as a content developer. SEO is essential to get you traffic that is essential for your website's visibility. According to Statcounter, 55% of worldwide online traffic came from mobile users and 42% from desktop users. A good SEO practice allows these numbers to happen. Here's how you should practice these tactics:   What Is White Hat SEO? White Hat SEO techniques are those methods that closely follow a search engine's policies. These techniques ensure that your ranking improves on the search engine results page and gives your website a good reputation. A brief outline of

John Krasinski Net Worth: 3 Lessons from His Path to Wealth

Posted By JustStartInvest on Finance - John Krasinski Net Worth 2021: $80 million. John Krasinski is most well known for his role as Jim Halpert on NBC’s hit sitcom The Office. The show aired from 2005 to 2013, and while this role may be what got John Krasinksi his start, it certainly wasn’t the only thing that contributed to his success […]

What is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)?

Posted By wealthtender on Finance - As a business owner, you’re used to wearing multiple hats every day to ensure your customers are happy and your bottom line is growing. Thinking about selling your business may seem far off, but taking the time now to begin thinking about what a transition might look like ensures you’ll be prepared when you’re ready […]
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Turtle Hiding In Shell by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

Posted By MadeFromRI on Photography - Turtle Hiding In Shell (Select the photo to see in a larger format)

Turtle Hiding In ShellA turtle hiding in his shell near the Great Swamp in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

A turtle hiding in his shell near the Great Swamp in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

One of the members of the animal kingdom that we have encountered more often in recent years is the turtle. What we have photographed is one of these retracted into their shell.

In reality, it is more precise to call this shelled creature a "Terrapin". Terrapins live on land and in water, usually in swamps, ponds, lakes, and rivers. This one is resting in the area of the Great Swamp Management Area of South Kingstown, Rhode Island.

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Gin Annie Announce their UK Headline tour, The Next Chapter: 11 dates, 11 cities, 11 venues

Posted By BlazingMinds on Entertainment - Gin Annie are proud to announce their UK headline tour, The Next Chapter: “11 dates, 11 cities, 11 venues“ The tour runs from the 23rd September to 10th October, so is still some months away, but Gin Annie are encouraging their fans to book early!  Black Country-born, bred and based, Gin Annie are a five-piece […]
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Wireless Chargers: Worth it or not? RapidX Prismo Qi Charger Review

Posted By dragonblogger on Technology - I am sure that there are a ton of people who constantly experience the same issue I do: wires, wires everywhere (insert the Buzz Lightyear meme).  And after that, it is an entanglement of wires.  Amongst those, one of the most elusive wires for me is my phone charger.  One of the modern-day solutions to ...
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8 Top Content Formats for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - What's the most effective form of marketing available in this digital age? It isn't content marketing for sure. Email marketing remains a dominant form of promotional campaigning in social media and artificial intelligence in today's world. Surprisingly, emails have an ROI of 4400%, which is massively impressive! Though content marketing proudly comes second only to this traditional technique. Small companies that blog acquire 126% more growth than companies that don't publish any content. Now, is content marketing only limited to blogs and articles? That's a common misconception people often have. They think that only old-fashioned text-based paragraphs constitute content in the 21st century.   Innovative Content Formats for Small Businesses Doubtlessly, written content won't cease