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The Personal Trainers Guide to Outsourcing Without Losing Money

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - As a personal trainer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You got into the fitness industry to help people feel fitter. To show them how to get stronger. To live healthier lives. ​But as soon as you start, it’s obvious that there’s more to running a fitness business than just supporting your clients. Suddenly, you need to be an expert - not just in health and fitness, but be able to answer questions about nutrition, hormones, and psychology. Understandably, this i [...]

7 User Experience Tips To Get More Leads From Your Fitness Website

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Your website is the home of your personal training business on the internet. Unlike social media, you have some control over your website and aren’t subject to the changing whims of the algorithm. Investing in a website can be a wise move for personal trainers, and there are a few quick wins that can set you up for long term success. 1. Your Personal Trainer Website Loads Quickly Using eye-catching images - particularly those of your clients, their successes and yourself is [...]

6 Ways to Repurpose Old Fitness Content

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - ​The power of writing incredible content for your personal training business goes far beyond the single long-form blog article you post to your website. Sure, with the right SEO and technical tinkering with backlinks that can generate considerable income in its own right.  ​​Even reposting older content which has worked particularly well, with updated elements can keep you front and centre of everyone's mind (and on the front page of Google!). But once you have [...]

10 Tips to Make Your Personal Trainer Website Mobile Friendly

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - A massive 52% of internet searches are conducted on a mobile phone that applies to potential clients looking for personal training too. If you’ve not taken steps to optimise your website for mobile use, you may be missing a trick. It’s been five years since Google announced they would include mobile optimised websites in their search algorithm, but if you’re new to personal training - or just new to managing your personal training website - this might be something [...]

5 Tips to Get More PT Clients With Video Marketing

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Many of us are uncomfortable using video to speak directly to our personal training clients and prospects. I know I am, but it’s such a quick and easy way to break down barriers and build a relationship with people that it’s one we could benefit from overcoming.  ​Social media has made uploading video easier than ever, with both Instagram and Facebook both offering story options. Even better, these stories stay live for only 24 hours, so the platforms give them [...]

The Top 3 Video Softwares for Hosting Live Virtual Training Sessions

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - ​The ability to work remotely is essential for personal trainers. Getting real-time video and audio from your clients will be crucial for online workouts; to give feedback on technique, as well as being more personal during your consultation process where you might need to establish a rapport quickly. For those of you who provide a group service for your clients, it can offer more creative ways to stay accountable and social. It allows you to provide support for clients across [...]

5 Ways to Get More Media Coverage For Your Fitness Business

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - ​If you’re a personal trainer offering in-person or online training sessions to people in your local area you may want to consider advertising your service in a local news outlet. Advertising through formal media channels tends to be overlooked as they can sometimes involve a small upfront investment. But if you’re able to offer a valuable and useful personal training service that people will appreciate, the investment usually pays for itself in a short time! T [...]

How to List Your Prices on Your Personal Trainer Website

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - ​Charging for personal training services is a confusing element of having your own fitness business. If you ask an expert how to price your services you'll always get "it depends" as an answer, which leaves you plucking a number out of thin air. Then how to display your prices on your personal trainer website is even more complex. Before we dig in to how to price your services and then display them on your website, we'll need to cover what is one of the most controversial [...]

How To Start A Fitness Blog

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - If you're trying to position yourself as an expert within the fitness industry or within your local area, you need to start a fitness blog. Fitness articles are the best way to showcase your knowledge, attract new website visitors and grow your audience.This article will outline how to start a fitness blog, what to write about, and how to promote it. It will write from the assumption that you already have a fitness website, but if you need help to set one up, we can help with th [...]

8 Metrics To Track To Get More Visitors & Leads From Your Fitness Website

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Understanding the information that your personal trainer website gives you is a powerful way to measure the success of your website. A successful website extends the potential reach of your personal training business and could bring you more business. Having a good grasp on these metrics will allow you to maximise the performance of your site and help you ensure you’re putting your time and effort into the places so you can have the best fitness website. For the purpose of [...]

A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Optimising Conversion Rates

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - If you have a website for your personal training business, it’s likely that you prioritise getting traffic to that site. Promoting your website so that new people can visit and learn about your personal training services. ​Yet, many trainers neglect a simple strategy to improve the long term sustainable growth of their businesses: getting the most out of the traffic they already have. This is what Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about. What Is Conversion Rate? If [...]

5 Ways To Use Your Blog to Promote Your Personal Training Services

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - The goal of maintaining a fitness blog is to create regular content which your potential clients find valuable. Your blog can only be a method of generating leads if what you write is useful to your audience. This will lead to them sharing the articles with their peers thus helping to increase the traffic to your website. With more people reading your tips and advice, the opportunity to create leads from your website improves. Publishing articles regularly on your personal trainer we [...]

How to Set Up an Email Marketing Campaign on Your Fitness Website

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - ​Email marketing is a powerful way to stay in touch with potential personal training clients who are on your mailing list. Once they subscribed, you can reach out to them directly, unlike via social media campaigns. ​​On social media, you’re subject to their algorithm to have your content seen by your list, but on email, you’re in control How do you start building your subscriber list so your future email marketing campaigns can be successful? Like [...]

How to Convert Leads Into Paying Personal Training Clients

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - ​Your personal trainer website visitors, especially those on the Services pages, are potential leads. Using a layout that encourages them to get in touch is a fantastic way to convert people who are already interested in your services to paying clients.  Once they have made contact with you, perhaps left a comment, downloaded a lead magnet, or filled out a form, you must act quickly to build a meaningful relationship with that prospect. In this article, we'll discuss 4 eas [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Local Marketing for Personal Trainers

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Statistics suggest 97% of people will Google a local business before using it. If you’re a personal trainer who sees clients face to face in a physical location, local marketing could be a critical element in getting leads into your business. ​88% of online searches for a local personal training business result in an in-person visit or a phone call within 24 hours.  What Is Local Marketing? Local marketing is a strategy which targets potential clients within [...]

Responsive Fitness Website Design in 5 Simple Steps

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Did you know that Google now prioritises “mobile-first indexing”. This means that websites that work well when viewed on a mobile device, responsive fitness website designs, will appear higher in the search results than websites which weren’t optimised for being used on mobile devices.  The reason behind this is that more people now search Google on their phones and tablets than on their desktop computers. Statista shows that over 52% of internet traffic comes [...]

5 Steps to Getting Personal Training Clients via Inbound Marketing

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Inbound marketing is a way to attract personal training clients to your business by creating valuable content that speaks directly to them. It helps them to solve problems that they know they’ve got with their health and fitness when they are ready to make a change. In other words, inbound marketing aims to set-up your funnels in a way that it will be your ideal clients who will look for you and find you when they need you.Outbound marketing, like ads, cold calls and leaflet dr [...]

How to Write Content That Gets New Leads

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - As a personal trainer, your clients will likely see a lot of your content before they make a decision to invest in your services. Your content is everywhere you post; your website, your social media, even the comments you leave and the emails you send to your mailing list. This exposure is called a sales funnel.  People in your audience will be at different stages of their own buyer journey. The job of your content is to encourage your potential clients at whichever stage they a [...]

How Improve Your Fitness Website Loading Speed & Rank Higher On Google

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - People’s attention spans are short and waiting for a personal trainer’s webpage to load for too long will all but guarantee that the visitor to your site will navigate away without waiting to hear about all the ways you can help with their goals. This can negatively affect your bounce rate, how quickly a website visitors lands on and the leaves your page and even how you rank on Google. Larger web pages take longer to load because it takes the browser time to download th [...]

8 Simple SEO Tricks to Boost the Ranking of Your Fitness Website

Posted By dansalcs on Marketing - Once upon a time, it was easy to rank at the top of Google when you optimised your site for a couple of select keywords. Those days are long gone, and if you want to get more eyes on your personal training website, it takes a lot more work. With more and more personal trainers opting to have fitness websites of their own, having a badly performing website is almost as bad as having no website at all.So in this article, we'll map out the biggest bang for your buck SEO tips to help you [...]