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30 Best Simon Sinek's Quotes About Success Trending On The Internet

Posted By SuccessTrending on Quotes - Simon Sinek born in 1973 is a popular motivational speaker and a leadership expert. He is also a Columbia University professor and the creator of SinekPartners (Corporate Refocusing). He is most recognized for popularizing the terms "golden circle" and "Start With Why." Simon Sinek is also a member of the RAND Corporation's adjunct staff.Sinek is the author of three bestselling books, and his TED talk "How exceptional leaders inspire action" is the third most popular TED talk of all time. Major companies like Disney, Microsoft, Pfizer, and the United States military all have sought his advice.Sinek released his debut book, Start with Why, in October of 2009..... Read more at

How To Get Direct Link To Google Drive Files On Android And Desktop

Posted By SuccessTrending on Blog Tips - There are instances when we are required to share files with the people on the internet which they can download by clicking on the link Such a situation arises when we want to share any link on the website or when we want users to download the file from the link rather than sending the file to each and every person through messenger. Google drive direct link would help users in such cases.You can use the Google Drive Direct Download Link Generator if you already have the Google Drive link that you want to convert to a Direct Download Link. Read more at