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What does it take to be a pro? The ten things that separate the best from the rest

Posted By LaurelS 56 days ago on Education - Could you be a professional musician? If you want to perform music at a high level, and make a living doing it, you need to know what it takes to grow and sustain a career. Working musicians tend to have a certain set of qualities and abilities that allow them to succeed, and if you want to level up from amateur to pro someday, you’ll need to have them, too.

How to fight the post-performance blues

Posted By LaurelS 84 days ago on Education - Part of getting ready for a performance is preparing for how you’ll feel after it’s over. Almost every performer gets some type of emotional whiplash after performing. Fortunately, it’s something you can prepare for and manage!

Should you force kids to take music lessons?

Posted By LaurelS 104 days ago on Education - It’s not unusual for parents to force kids to take music lessons for various reasons - some good, some less so. Let me tell you the three reasons why I only teach students who participate willingly.

Confession: I hate needing help

Posted By LaurelS 203 days ago on Education - Aversion to getting help is a hallmark of perfectionism. I have to admit, I hate needing help, asking for help, and accepting help. This installment of “Progress for Perfectionists” is a personal story about a time I caught myself being unnecessarily, foolishly self-sufficient.

How to practice music without getting any better

Posted By LaurelS 224 days ago on Education - Why practice the hard way, when you could spend your time goofing around self-indulgently? Here’s everything you should be doing to make sure your practice sessions get you nowhere.