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7 Unexpected Ways Nesting Can Make Your Pregnancy Better

Posted By holisticmomma on Medicine - The instinct of nesting in the pregnancy phase is a basic biological instinct of mothers to be. It is basically nature’s way of making you prepared to nurture your baby. In this article, we will cover all of the best tips for nesting. Every animal goes through this natural instinct, so while you are pregnant,...

10 Best Online Thrift Stores

Posted By theparentportfolio on Finance - Do you love thrift store shopping? Have you considered visiting an online thrift store? There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect piece of clothing for you, and finding it at a steep discount is even better. You may love scanning the racks of clothing in vintage shops or poring over cases full of fun, unique...

Most Popular Department Stores In America

Posted By theradicalfire on Finance - Americans have been shopping at department stores since the late 19th century for clothes, food, household goods, and more. Department stores have historically been anchor stores in malls or shopping centers, but today more of these retail outlets are standalone destinations for one-stop shopping for everything from cosmetics to lawn furniture and pet supplies. Stacker ... Read more

10 Things To Consider Before Flipping A House

Posted By PlayLouderBlog on Business - 10 Things To Consider Before Flipping A House was written by Wulfrost and originally appeared on UpNest and was produced and distributed in partnership with Stacker Studio. It has been republished with permission. Flipping a house can be a tantalizing prospect, but buyers and sellers, beware! It’s not as easy as it may look to […]

Don’t plan on inflation cooling down any time soon. Here’s why

Posted By MediaFeed on Blogging -

In face of the highest inflation in 40 years, the Federal Reserve announced another widely expected rate hike last Wednesday. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) unanimously decided …

States With the Most People Looking for a New Job in 2022

Posted By wealthtender on Finance - Here are the list of items we recommend looking at before quitting your current job: Retirement – does your employer offer a retirement plan with matching contributions? What is the vesting schedule, i.e. would waiting a few months make a significant difference to your balance? Do you have any...

Recognizing Optimism Bias: Is it Helpful To Think This Way?

Posted By holisticmomma on Medicine - Over 21 million adults in the U.S have suffered from at least one episode of depression in 2020. Would you believe that the average person expects to live a better-than-average life? The math doesn’t add up, but this skewed perception is quite common. This gap between perception and reality is due to a cognitive bias...

How Many Hours Are There In a Working Year? – Why Is It Important To Know?

Posted By theradicalfire on Finance - If you are a part of a work culture where you work 5 days a week, you may be clocking in at least 8 hours per day in and day out all year round. However, have you ever wondered how many hours are there in a working year for you? Just how many hours do ... Read more

How to Buy NFTs: Five Steps for the New Investor

Posted By PlayLouderBlog on Business - How to Buy NFTs: Five Steps for the New Investor was written by Rebecca Holcomb and originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks. It has been republished with permission. If you're thinking about how to buy NFTs or investing considerably in the non-fungible token market, you're certainly not alone. Even celebrities are cashing in on the […]

Top 10 Countdown of the Most Expensive NFTS of All Time

Posted By inthegameinvesting on Finance - Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were undoubtedly the “next big thing” in 2021. Though we may currently be in a bear market, 2022 has continued the momentum of last year with more NFT partnerships and use cases announced. So, what’s with all the hype? Celebrities, brands, sports teams, and gamers are minting one-of-a-kind NFTs, but you’re not...