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What You Need to Know About Emotional Labor

Posted By investedparents on Creative Lifestyle - The concept of emotional labor is essential to a happy, healthy household ecosystem. When we fail to recognize its importance, we open the door to frustration, exhaustion, conflict, and resentment.

If You Have An Adult Child Living At Home, You Need To Read This List Of House Rules And Boundaries

Posted By webnosis23 on Self Improvement - It’s not just your family. More and more adult children are sharing a roof with their parents. Sometimes it’s a matter of economic logistics because the cost of living has risen exponentially, but wages haven’t increased in decades. Other times it’s a matter of senior-care costs. Families consolidate when elderly parents have reached the “need ...
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Sir Stevo Timothy Has a New Condition

Posted By Thecameronjournal on Politics -

Sir Stevo Timothy has a new condition and in this video he tells us all about it. Wait until the end for the special surprise.
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How to Avoid Getting Laid Off

Posted By wealthtender on Finance - The odds you’ll lose your job are increasing. Learn how to effectively prepare yourself now. My last job ended (many years ago) when my employer laid me off. That was the first job I’d ever lost, as opposed to leaving when it was time. There wasn’t a recession. Unemployment wasn’t especia...

20 Jobs That Pay Over 500k a Year 

Posted By Womenio on Creative Lifestyle - Whether you are thinking of shifting careers or maximizing your earning potential, several jobs can earn over half a million dollars every year. From capitalizing on real estate properties to building your own company, earning a $500,000 yearly salary is not at all impossible. You only have to acquire an excellent level of the necessary...Read More

The Democrat's Shocking Slide Toward Violence And Depravity.

Posted By timomalum on Politics - It's not your imagination. The Democratic Party really has lost its way. The political party of peace-loving hippies, John F. Kennedy, and Jimmy Carter has become the home of angry, immoral, irresponsible goons. They hate freedom, they hate America, they hate you, and they even hate themselves. They love big government, depravity, and violence.They make fun of religion, but they worship authority, technology, Big Pharma, and anything sexual.Their destructive terror troops call themselves ANTIFA, yet they're the real Fascists, trying to scare us into silence and compliance. They're the useful idiots for the wealthy elites who are financing the enslavement of humanity.The Democratic Party has been hijacked by left-wing extremists. No moral, self-respecting person should support the cesspool that is has become.