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How to Speed Clean Your Kitchen and Get Organized

Posted By ChaChingQueen on Creative Lifestyle - When was the last time you cleaned your kitchen? Would you like to learn how to speed-clean your kitchen and keep it clean and organized? Whether you already know how to clean or would like to speed up the process, here’s a post for you. You’ll love this quick way to clean if you are...
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MIL Calls Mom’s Stepson’s Eyeshadow Ridiculous, But She Has the Perfect Response for Her

Posted By Womenio on Creative Lifestyle - A woman posted on the AITA (Am I The A**Hole) subreddit recently to ask the internet whether or not she was wrong to ignore her mother-in-law’s comments about her stepson wearing eyeshadow. She Encourages Her Stepson To Express Himself The woman’s post starts off by explaining that her husband’s mother has been staying with her...Read More

What Does the Bible Say About Healing Prayer?

Posted By motherhoodtruth on Creative Lifestyle - Have you or a loved one struggled with chronic health problems, and no doctor seems to have a workable solution? Have you reached out in prayer, wondering why nothing seems to help or why you continue to struggle? After suffering through 13 chronic autoimmune and neurological disorders for nearly a decade, I know all too … What Does the Bible Say About Healing Prayer? Read More »

Discover Snake Plant Varieties: 30+ Types of Dracaena Plants

Posted By Davin on Home - Snake plants are succulents, also known as Dracaena Trifasciata, Sansevieria, or the fun moniker ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’.  They make excellent houseplants and are just as good in small spaces as in larger ones. In addition, snake plants tend to grow vertically, so if you have room for something tall but not wide, some of these attractive plants could ... Read more

Dog Peanut Butter Cups

Posted By lisalightner on Pets - Dog Peanut Butter Cups Looking to try a new dog treat for your pup? These dog peanut butter cups are always a hit! Plus they are not only a tasty treat for dogs but people can enjoy them too! Because these dog peanut butter cup dog treats are high in fat, you do want to...

Adjectives That Start With Y

Posted By BKania on Writing - Adjectives that start with y can help paint pictures in your reader’s mind and evoke emotions. They are versatile and excellent descriptive words that you may have yet to realize that you’re already using them. Some Y adjectives you’ve probably used include youthful skin, yearling calves, yappy little dog, yellow-bellied thief, yellowish tinge, yowling place, […]
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14 Best Beaches in Florida to Visit at Least Once

Posted By practigalblog on Travel - If you’re looking for a great beach getaway, look no further than Florida. The Sunshine State is home to some of the best beaches in the country. Below we’ll review the cream of the crop – these are the best beaches in Florida. So pack your sunscreen, put on shades and get ready to hit...

The Ten Biggest Video Game Acquisitions in History

Posted By BossLevelGamer on Gaming - 2022 saw some of the biggest video game acquisitions in history take place. Studio consolidation has been a recent trend in gaming. Major studios are continuing to acquire other developers. Gamers are often wondering who will be next. The biggest studios continue to aim to acquire the best talent in the industry. If 2022 is […]
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$52,000 A Year Is How Much An Hour? – Best Ways to Maximize It

Posted By theradicalfire on Finance - How much is your time worth? As your gross annual pay increases or decreases, you may be curious to know how it affects your hourly wage. For instance: $52,000 a year is how much an hour?  Whether you receive a salary as an employee, wages as a worker, or varying compensation as a self-employed freelancer, ... Read more

10 of the Dumbest Financial Mistakes You Can Make

Posted By adimesaved on Finance - Have you ever made a really dumb financial mistake? We all make mistakes, especially when it comes to money. Many people have made some really bad mistakes with their money, but they learned from their mistakes and were sometimes even ... Read More

The Time Is Now: 25 Fun Things to Do With Friends

Posted By practigalblog on Travel - Are you looking for fun things to do with your friends on the weekend or whenever you have time off? From fun camping trips to leisurely walks and epic road trips, our best memories are often shared with our besties.  Whether you’re an introvert or love socializing, the time you spend with your friends is...

Best Games of 2022 – We List Our Favorite Games From 2022

Posted By BossLevelGamer on Gaming - With the year over and every game released, it’s time to cover our best games of 2022.  The past year saw a lot of games released. The PlayStation 5 continues to see highly acclaimed titles. Nintendo continues to deliver game after game for the Nintendo Switch. While the Xbox Series X|S is lacking, plenty of […]
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