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5 Ways to Throw and Host a Virtual Party & Celebrate

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - Social distancing and quarantine have changed the lives of people around the world in so many aspects. Maybe it was far beyond the imagination of us that one day we would have to stay away from our loved ones for their own good; to protect them. Many now miss social gatherings, meetings, parties, celebrations, seminars, etc. that once used to be an integral part of daily life in different ways. However, being apart doesn’t necessarily have to prevent us from partying! In fact, celebrating together during these times of isolation seems to be even more important than before. Rather than meeting each other in person, we can keep holding different events virtually and have the chance to connect with our friends and family members. Let it be a business-related meeting or a birthday party, goin

Elementor and Deep WordPress Theme – Beginner’s Guide

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - How To Benefit From Elementor With Deep WordPress Theme? In this article we’re going to show you how you can create your website with Elementor and Deep WordPress theme, the most popular WordPress page builder of all times. Designing, programming, and launching a single website used to entail a lot of give and take about a decade ago. Developers, content managers, and designers had no other choice but to hold different meetings to discuss their ideas and wait for the most straightforward changes to take effect. Fast-forwarding to the time being, anyone can start their own website without having to savvy web programming and web development. The introduction and advancement of the WordPress CMS have simplified everything and changed website creation as easy as pie. This comfortable ex

After Coronavirus Setback: 5 Reopening Tips for Your Office

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every business. While some businesses in the UK were able to shift to the work-from-home model or make significant adjustments to workdays and operating hours, others were forced to completely close down. Even though the UK remains under a firm lock-down, life will eventually get back to normal with many of us joining offices again after a long period. Thus, you should start planning for the reopening phase. Think about what strategies you will adopt in the post-pandemic era to make your office a safe and sustainable place to work. Here are some reopening tips for your office after the pandemic: Reopening Tips for Your Office Regardless of what the government allows, we’d recommend you to think about what’s best for your individual case. The most importa

5 Key Steps to Build the Perfect Design System

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - Essential Steps to Build a Design System Design systems are a collection of reusable items, elements, and rules that come as a guideline for the whole team of project design. It is now widely considered as a crucial part of the UX design process that carries weight in providing a successful experience for users. Over the past few years, this system has brought a breath of fresh air to product design strategies in many countries, and it is much more than the typical UI guides. We hear a lot about the necessity of creating this system, considering the consistency and other benefits it offers us. Famous companies such as IBM and Airbnb have likewise incorporated design systems of their own to speed up and facilitate creations inside their teams. With this short introduction in mind, let̵

Event API Addon: MEC for Non-WordPress Websites

Posted By Webnus on WP Themes - Modern Events Calendar Event API Addon In this article we’re going to show you how you can benefit from Modern Events Calendar on non-WordPress websites with Event API addon. If you are going to be an event planner, a compelling event management tool will be your best friend on this journey. You might be having an event coming up for your activities and have no idea of the challenges and tasks that come to light one after another. Using the most appropriate event management tools on your website from the beginning helps you avoid frustration and wasted time later on. No matter if you have a large or small business, you need this kind of tool to keep you organized and take care of all the details in your event. Imagine you attract your attendees to your seminars, conferences, or even