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How to Survive a Broken Heart

Posted By advicebychloe on Relationships and Dating - You know that feeling of introspective stillness that happens when you’re able to look at a traumatic event with a bit of distance and clarity? I woke up this morning feeling ready to talk, so let’s talk. Dating Consultants are People TooBeing a dating consultant is weird, because I have this unreasonable expectation of myself that I should look like the perfect relationship partner… but, like… that’s not super realistic. Have I always been a great partner? Of course not. Has my heart been shattered into a million trillion pieces? Ohhh yeah. Does that disqualify me from being effective at my job? Nah man, my graduate degree and dozens of glowing reviews say otherwise. We tend to have the expectation that professionals in a field never struggle within it. Please allow me to pop that b