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Landing Page Tips and Tricks #MyBlogU

Posted By annsmarty on Blogging - This whole month we will be talking about landing pages! How to create better-converting landing pages? Here are a few actionable tips! Landing Page Content is What Matters… …Calls-to-Action Are Secondary We are lucky enough to have an expert today … Continue reading →

Is Hardwood Flooring for Rentals a Good Investment?

Posted By loculogic on Property - Hardwood floors are a natural, durable, and beautiful product. Made of solid wood planks or strips that can be glued together in butcher block format, nailed down or left “floating”. They can also add an earthy tone to a rental, making it more attractive to tenants. But is hardwood a good investment for your rental […]
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How to Make Good Decisions in Life by Asking 3 Simple Questions

Posted By harleenas on Self Improvement - Do you want to make your life better? If yes, then you must learn to ask good questions - because good questions will lead you to good decisions. And good decisions can help change your life - make you successful. Here's all about how to ask good questions to make good decisions in life.

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Top Group Insurance Questions to Ask Potenital Employers

Posted By crom84 1951 days ago on Employment - Employee benefits can save an employee thousands of dollars per year, so it isn't surprising that a company's benefits package is sometimes a deciding factor when deciding to take a job offer. But what questions should be asked of the potential employer regarding their group insurance plan?

How to Make a Rain Barrel

Posted By crom84 1887 days ago on Personal - Here is a simple, affordable way to make a rain barrel. Rain barrels let you collect rain water for use at a later point in time. Note that in some US States it is illegal to collect rain water (in some places rain water is owned by the government).

4 Reasons You Need A Content Marketing Strategy

Posted By crom84 1778 days ago on Marketing - Content marketing has long been an essential when it comes to ranking well in the search engines. As a result, having a clear, logical content marketing strategy is critical to a business!