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Scholastic Acquires Alyssa Milano's Activism-Themed Children's Book Series

Posted By loupdargentonline 364 days ago on News - "As a mother, I can't think of a more important time to let kids know that their voice matters. I'm so excited about my new character, Hope Roberts. She believes in dreaming big. She's brave and strong and confident in her abilities—but she's also a girl just trying to survive middle school. I'm thrilled to be working with Scholastic on this empowering book series and can't wait for everyone to meet Hope," said Alyssa Milano.

Women's Rights Organisations Speak Out in Defence of Sexual Assault Survivors

Posted By loupdargentonline 442 days ago on Politics - "There can never be equality in a culture that normalizes or trivializes sexual assault and sexual harassment. By giving survivors the space to be heard we can change the status quo..."

Syria: where ISIS' weapons come from? A quarter were made in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary

Posted By GlobalistTb 710 days ago on News - 33 percent of ISIS' weapons come from the EU-bloc, following Russia and China, which combined together provided over 50 percent of ISIS' weapons.

“The world will recognize the state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital”, said Turkish Prime Minister

Posted By GlobalistTb 711 days ago on News - During a conference the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said in the real future the entire world will recognize the state of Palestine.

UNICEF: "Violent Discipline, Sexual Abuse And Homicides Stalk Millions Of Children Worldwide"

Posted By loupdargentonline 772 days ago on Politics - Staggering numbers of children – some as young as 12 months old – are experiencing violence, often by those entrusted to take care of them, UNICEF said in a new report released today...

UK Parliament Voted To bomb Islamic State In Syria – So, What Will That Mean Internationally?

Posted By loupdargentonline 1472 days ago on Politics - Britain’s bombing will not be significant and it certainly will not be part of a coherent strategy against the Islamic State, let alone a reasonable approach to Syria’s 56-month conflict...

#ParisAttacks - The World Stands As One

Posted By loupdargentonline 1489 days ago on News - "The attacks in Paris and Beirut were designed to shake the very foundations of all our societies. They are an assault on our sense of connection and shared humanity, our tolerance, liberty and respect. Let’s project a beacon of light and togetherness back to the cities in shock and mourning."

Nelson's Column: #UKIP's Politics of Fear

Posted By loupdargentonline 1491 days ago on Politics - Friday, 13 November 2015. Terrorists strike in Paris, France, killing over 140 people and injuring hundreds of others. The world mourns. David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn offer their condolences and condemn the terrorist attacks. And France closes its borders to prevent the terrorists from escaping and also heightens security...

Prime Minister Cameron: No More Drownings!

Posted By loupdargentonline 1563 days ago on Politics - "This image of a Syrian baby lying lifeless on the beach is too heartbreaking to ignore. But our Government is doing just that, and refusing to give safe haven to any more desperate families in the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. He will only move if the public outcry is too loud to ignore..."

That Night When Antisemite Joshua Bonehill Had A Public Meltdown On Twitter...

Posted By loupdargentonline 1753 days ago on Off Beat News - Perhaps, the pressure of leading his brand new, but already failing, movement (losing support from his fellow neo-nazis by the minute) was too much after all for the infamous fascist, antisemite, racist and convicted serial liar, Joshua Bonehill?...