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How to Identify Social Media Influencers

Posted By shameel on Social Media - How to Identify Social Media InfluencersUma BhatWed, 05/16/2018 - 15:28 In today’s world of social media marketing, there is one person who does not need any introduction. Yes and that’s none other than the Social media influencers! Social media Influencers have carved a path for themselves due to higher audience reach and a better reputation. Who Are Social Media Influencers?This may need no explanation. But I have noticed that there exists a false notion that an influencer is a person with huge fan following. Hence trying to clear the confusion. Today people can easily buy followers and show a high follower count. Most of it may be bots and fake accounts. This does not mean the person has influence over his followers. So then who is a real social media influencer?  Here is a

5 Brilliant Christmas Advertisements Social Media Marketers Can Learn From

Posted By shameel on Social Media - This is one of the wonderful Christmas advertisements that combine the spirit of sharing during Christmas and at the same time promoting its products.

5 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews Using Social Media

Posted By shameel on Social Media - 5 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews Using Social MediaUma BhatMon, 09/03/2018 - 13:30 How much influence do you think the customer reviews have on a person’s buying decisions?  You will be surprised to know that 85% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.This makes it more important for you to generate positive customer reviews which can make or break your business. But how do you acquire reviews? For this you need to have a strong and well planned reviews acquisition process which is proactive and not reactive. Instead of waiting and hoping that customers will write reviews, you should start to actively use social media platforms such as the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to bring in the customer reviews for your business. Here are 5 Ways to

How to Increase Twitter Engagement

Posted By shameel on Social Media - How to Increase Twitter Engagement Uma BhatFri, 12/15/2017 - 10:20 Twitter has 328 million monthly active users and 100 million daily active users.It is indeed a great marketing platform for small to large business brands. It is time that brands engaged in some twitter marketing.  You can build your brand on twitter by providing information to customers about new product releases, how to use products, customer service and much more.Having too many Twitter users is making it tough for engagement with customers since there are millions of users and attracting them to engage with your brand can be quite a task.What is Twitter engagement?Twitter engagement in simple words is the total interactions received for each tweet. Engagement is the most popular word used in social media mar

6 Proven Tactics to Increase Social Media Followers

Posted By shameel on Social Media - 6 Proven Tactics to Increase Social Media FollowersUma BhatMon, 03/19/2018 - 10:29 Try asking a social media marketer or for that matter any social media user, what is that one thing they would like to change about their social media account.  And without any doubt, the answer will be – To Increase social media followers.According to social media studies “Increase in followers remains a top priority for most of the brands”For all social media marketers, increasing their follower count is a continuous battle that they have to fight every single day. Most of the businesses look at increasing followers since they perceive them as potential customers and supporters of their brand. In the recent years, social media marketing has grown multiple bounds and has made its way into the ma

How to Set Up Twitter Followers Campaign?

Posted By shameel on Social Media - How to Set Up Twitter Followers Campaign?Uma BhatThu, 12/21/2017 - 11:38 Twitter followers are more likely to share information about a business that they follow. They retweet and comment on your tweets that have the potential to reach to their followers thereby grabbing more attention. There is high likelihood that they purchase products or services from your brand in the future.So how do you get more people to follow your Twitter account? Setting up Twitter followers campaign is a great way to get targeted followers to your account.Here’s how to set a Twitter Followers Campaign:Step 1: Sign into your Twitter account.Step 2: Click on Twitter Ads Step 3: If this is your first campaign, it will prompt to choose a campaign. If you have existing campaigns, click on “Create new cam

10 Video Content Marketing Ideas That Every Marketer Should Know

Posted By shameel on Social Media - 10 Video Content Marketing Ideas That Every Marketer Should KnowUma BhatMon, 02/12/2018 - 14:29 There is no doubt that a social media marketer has to devise numerous ways to catch the attention of his audience by implementing the most innovative and creative ways.In one word, it means marketers need to be constantly on top of generating video content marketing ideas.Video content is emerging as the best marketing strategy and the below stats says it all.The statistics plus a lot more research from various studies conducted across the world have proven that video content is the most impactful type of content. 90% of consumers say a product video helps them in their purchasing decisions64% of consumers have made an online purchase after watching a product videoAll major social me

4 SEO Benefits of Having Strong Social Media Presence for Businesses

Posted By shameel on Social Media - 4 SEO Benefits of Having Strong Social Media Presence for BusinessesUma BhatWed, 01/23/2019 - 16:53 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about creating content which satisfies the search intent of people, and more often it is referred to as a marathon and not a sprint.  SEO is aimed at increasing site visibility by using organic methods. In recent times, it’s getting harder to maintain and grow business reputation, particularly in an age of digital marketing.  It becomes more and more important for brands to gain and sustain site visibility just by using organic search. SEO strategies that are genuine and trust worthy will add goodwill to your brand and ultimately add greater value and longevity to your website.Social media has come to the rescue of businesses that intend to