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Make Your Relationship Happier And Stronger Than Ever With These 52 Couples’ Journaling Prompts

Posted By webnosis23 on Self Improvement - A happy and healthy relationship is something that most couples strive for.  But it’s not always easy to achieve that goal.  What if there was a way to make your relationship even stronger and more committed? One way to help is by using journal prompts for relationships. We crafted 52 journal ideas for couples that ... Read More

Want to Accomplish More in a Shorter Time? Try Doing Less.

Posted By seline101 on Self Improvement - In a culture focused on success, achievement, and perfection, most people mistakenly think that striving and being constantly on the go is the only way to accomplish more and get the most out of their time. However, working round the clock is inefficient, and being constantly on the go isn’t the way to get the... 
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5 Money-Saving Apps to Help Update Your Home Office

Posted By myworkfromhomemoney on Finance - You may be on board with working remotely, but is your home ready for it? A home office needs to be bright, comfortable, and an environment that inspires productivity. It would help if you had an ergonomic office chair and desk, proper storage and organization, plenty of light, and warm and welcoming decor. After all, […]

Best Video Game Movies Not Based On Properties

Posted By BossLevelGamer on Gaming - Video game movies have a reputation for being bad. Even when they don’t suck, they are not exactly high cinema. It’s not surprising then that some of the best video game movies are movies that are not based on properties. These are some of the best video game movies that are not based on properties. […]
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Are You A Free Person Or Are You A Slave?

Posted By timomalum on Politics - Are you really free or are your actions controlled by others? This short quiz will help you determine what's really going on with your life.Does your government require you to wear a face mask even though scientific studies have proven masks don't protect you or others from diseases, and in fact may create health risks of their own?Are you required to display a digital ID or vaccine passport before entering government buildings or public transit facilities? Are you barred from entering private businesses unless you have a digital ID or vaccine passport because the businesses are forced to comply with government mandates to avoid massive fines? Has any government agency demanded that you submit to a biometric scan in order to receive services or benefits? Are you under constant surveillance by government-owned security cameras whenever you leave your home? Do your neighbors have internet connected cameras that the police have access to whenever they request it, even without a warrant? Are any of these cameras connected to artificial intelligence facial recognition software?Are you required to get a license or permit before you go fishing or hunting for food? Are you charged sales tax on food?Do you have to get a government agency's permission before buying certain products, such as handguns and ammunition? Are you barred from buying or possessing certain items because a few politicians have decided they don't think you should have those items? Have those same politicians outlawed the manufacturing of certain items such as alcohol and marijuana because they can't tax them?Are you paying property taxes despite the fact that such taxes are unconstitutional?Can your property be seized by the government for not paying unconstitutional property taxes or other government fines, fees, and taxes?Can the IRS use deadly force to enter your home or business to seize your documents or property for the purpose of collecting unconstitutional income taxes?Are you forbidden to do whatever you wish to do with your own land (other than activities that are a critical risk to the lives of your neighbors)? Are you required to comply with zoning laws, get construction permits, and build what the government demands rather than what you want to build?Can the government require you to take any medications, including vaccines, without your permission? Is that permission obtained by threats of force or threats to your freedom?If you answered "yes" to any question above, you're not as free as you might think you are. If you answered "yes" to several questions, it's time to accept that you're a slave and have no control over your own existence. You're a source of revenue for a corrupt government controlled by international bankers and other wealthy elites.If you're not happy with that, change how you think and change what you do. Freedom has to demanded. You're not going to get it any other way.